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Small Business Resources, Information, and Hosting Services

The resources below will help you learn more about doing business. Will You Lose Business Without a Website? Even having a simple site that lists basic information about your business is a step in the right direction

Importance of Having a Business Website for your Small Business

Improve Business Credibility, Build a Strong Relationship, a Tool for Sales Generation, Showcase Your Work, Strengthen Your Brand, Expand Market Reach, Open 24/7. Businesses that have developed websites realize more success and growth than compared to those business without websites. In the modern world of the Internet having a business with a web presence is crucial

Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing should be part of any business plan. Build a stronger brand and grow your business with the help of Social Media. Lets take a look at how SMM does this. Different types of Social Media can include RSS feeds, Social News and Bookmarking Sites. As well as Social Networking Sites, Video Sharing Sites and Blogging Sites

Customer Support Software for your Business

A large majority of businesses with an online presence should be looking into some type of customer service software. If you are currently using online contact forms or email for customer support inquiries and not able to keep up with the volume. It may be time to upgrade your services

Most Important SEO Ranking Factors for Small Business Success

Search Engine Optimization is vital for any small business owner. There are many over looked steps in SEO Marketing. We have compiled a short list that will help. For many business owners SEO can seem like a daunting task. And working with a marketing agency can be out of reach for the average small business owner

How To Use Your Small Business Website To Stand Out

What makes You stand out from your Competitors? Learn how to create a better small business website that just works. You are already facing stiff competition from local businesses. Creating a website much less a great website can seem like a very daunting task. Following some of the suggestions below will help any website stand out

6 Ways To Boost Your Customer Experience In Ecommerce

Want to make permanent customers? Focus on Customer Experience In Ecommerce, Checkout complete guide about how to boast Customer Experience. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for every business’s success, and this applies to ecommerce stores

Professional Business Web Hosting and Email Services

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website. Professional Business Website and Email Hosting are two critical services for having a successful business. Your business needs a effective web presence and decent reliable email hosting. These are the basic essentials for all online businesses. And 80% of Consumers agree that they are more likely to buy from a business website than from a free, Wix or Facebook page.

Business Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Success

Eight Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Success when Starting Your Business. Optimize Your Store. Utilize Reviews. Content Marketing. Social Media. How you can achieve good success in our modern digital landscape we call the Internet. There is so much competition that it seems gaining a profitable position is close to impossible

Business Blogging Mistakes

Good blogging is something that takes some knowledge and lots of passion. But making mistakes with your blogs can hurt your business. Blogging for your business is important in todays Internet market. But do this wrong and it will cost you customers and your reputation. As more small businesses enter the online world of content development the scrutiny continues to increase

Improving Page Speed for your Business Website

Page speed is critical if a website is to be successful. Page speed is one of the top ranking factors that all the Search Engines uses. Good page speed is also essential for creating a good user-friendly experience. No one wants to wait for a page to load

Why all Businesses need SEO Marketing, with Tips and Tricks

One of the first and main focuses of any Business on the Internet today should be Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is an essential marketing tool that all website owners should learn something about. Small businesses can gain enough popularity with this to even compete with the largest businesses

Will You Lose Business Without a Website?

By not having a website, you are losing business. It is amazing just how many businesses have not built a Website yet. What type of Website you need. Websites come in all different shapes and sizes. And many different types or combination of types

Blacklisted by the Search Engines? We can Help

How are Websites Blacklisted, How to prevent Blacklisting, Website Malware Scanners, Is your Website be Penalized - Are you at Risk? It may be no fault of your own, but the blacklisting can have a highly negative impact on your SEO rankings and website traffic

How fast does your website load?Find out with GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a free tool to test and monitor your page's performance. Using Lighthouse, GTmetrix generates scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to optimize them.

The Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool lets you see if a page is mobile-friendly and helps understand why with detailed explanations.

Ways to Secure your Startup Against Cybercrime

Today businesses have more reasons to fear anonymous cybercriminals than burglars and thugs. While thieves can damage property or steal goods, Cybercrime is much worse, and the damage they cause can have a lasting scar on your business. When financial accounts are hacked or sensitive data is stolen, the losses can crush even the biggest enterprise

10 Ways Coding Can Help Your SEO

Too many webmasters think of SEO in terms of things you do after a website is created, whether that’s optimizing specific on-page variables. However, ignoring the important role that your site’s coding can play in its overall optimization is essentially the same as building your home on an unstable foundation

Creating Quality Content For SEO That Just Works

Simple ways to generate fresh content for Search Engines and People. Techniques to create relevant, in-depth and high-quality content. Also listing Content Optimization Tools. Content Refers to all the information contained in a Website. This can be text, links, images, audio, animation videos or anything you can post to a web page

SEO Tips and Tricks, Search Engine Optimization

Implementing proper SEO practices for your website can be a very difficult task. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tasks that any business can undertake. Starting a new business is not an easy task as there are a lot of challenges that any business owners will face. You may not have the knowledge and the expertise in all areas, and SEO marketing

What is the Best Self-Hosted CMS Programs, Scripts or Apps?

Starting a Website that you own. Select the best Self Hosted CMS engine for your website, Content Management System's, SSD and SSL

Welcome to your professional community

750 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

Blogs Articles and Publications For SEO Marketing

Some of the best blogs and publications for Search Engine Optimization, You need to stay on top of the latest SEO news. If you want to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re going to have to read a lot. You’ve got a lot to learn. The fact is the best and most successful SEO professionals are those who stay up to date with all the latest developments

The Best URL Structure for SEO

URLs are an important but often overlooked element of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines will use your URL to understand what your Website and content is all about. The structure of your website URLs is very important, especially for SEO optimization

A Comprehensive Guide To Seo - SEMScoop

In this comprehensive guide of SEO, you will learn it from the start. So, even if you don’t know anything about it, you will have a good know-how about various techniques of SEO after going through this guide.

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Contless times I have heard things like “My dream is to move to New York City” or “I wish I was from a place as cool as New York.” Well I’m here to clear up some of the misconceptions about New York…