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GlassGenius is an online Glass and Mirror marketplace to buy a wide range of ready-made and customized glass and mirror products. Glassgenius brings sellers and buyers under one roof so you can find the best glass table tops and mirror deals near you.


How to Choose the Best LED Mirrors For Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Best LED Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Either you have a luxurious or minimalist bathroom, it won’t be completed without a mirror! A mirror is a must-have for a bathroom, despite whatever décor you own. With respect to bathroom décor, a mirror with lights is highly recommended. It not only makes your bathroom well-decorated but also makes your daily makeovers way easier.


5 Creative Uses of Custom Glass in Interior Décor

5 Creative Uses of Custom Glass in Interior Décor

5 simple and creative uses of custom glass in interior decoration
•Install glass shower doors

Modern homeowners abundantly use glass shower doors for their modern thematic bathrooms. Use a tempered glass cut to size shower door to enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Don’t worry even if you have a shower at the corner, you can install a customized shower door of whatever required shape or design.


A Studio Apartment Makeover Ideas on a Budget | Glass Genius

A Studio Apartment Makeover Ideas on a Budget | Glass Genius

Keep minimum seating. You don’t want to bump into chairs and tables on your way to the kitchen so keep it minimalistic. A small stylish sofa that can fit two or three people, complemented by two or more elegant chairs is enough seating for a studio apartment. Enhance the space with a classy glass coffee table and complete the look with a centerpiece.

Glass Cut To Size | Custom Cut to Size Glass & Mirrors

Glass Genius is a one-stop shop for all your custom cut to size glass and mirror needs. Place your orders online and get the best quality glass cut to size & mirror products.

How Has The Glass Industry Evolved Over Time

Glass has been known to men since ancient times. How it went from the raw rocks to fine, polished sheets. Let's understand the evolution of the glass industry together. Glass is everywhere around us. Not a single day passes in our lives where we don’t get in direct or indirect contact with the glass. From our cell phones to wall clocks, blenders to ovens, and windows to vehicles, everything has glass in them in one form or the other. We live in a world of glass.


How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom | Glassgenius

How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom | Glassgenius

Mirrors are the “dark horses” of interior decor. You can draw many different benefits from this decor element and channel its versatility. The utility of mirrors has evolved from just checking the appearance to radically boosting the interior space.

Cabinet Glass

Cabinet glass turns your odd-looking cabinet into a most elegant design to add a décor element. Cabinet glass comes in versatile types and patterns that truly make your interior a gorgeous living place. The patterns on the glass uniquely display cabinetry items and create a sparkle on the eyes upon looking at those cabinets. 

Custom Back Painted Glass | Design back painted glass

Back painted glass is highly valued in commercial and residential projects for its high-end look. It is available in a variety of designs and colors. Add individuality to the interior space with custom back painted glass.

Round Glass Table Tops, Covers, Protectors & Replacements

Looking to buy round glass table top for your dining table? Get the best and lowest price of circle & round glass table tops from Glass Genius. Round table tops are the all-rounders. They are perfect for coffee tables, center tables, small dining tables, and meeting tables. You can make the most of small spaces by adding round tables. They add functionality and glamor to space.

The versatility of the rectangular glass table top makes it a top pick for bedside tables, dining tables, central tables, patio tables, and office tables. Rectangle glass table tops are therefore a prevalent style everywhere around us. Stay tuned and buy the best extensive collection of Rectangle Table Tops collection at Glass Genius at reliable prices.

Glass Genius Provides Interior Glass Renovations and Replacements

Glass Genius is the one-stop shop for all your glass and mirror-related needs. Be it a renovation project or interior design plan, you can get everything from Glass Genius.

Swing Door With Inline Panel - Shower Enclosure

People are rapidly shifting from curtains to swing doors with inline panels. The water shower door looks immensely elegant with its sleek design that captivates people. Swing door with inline panel increases the flow of light and makes your small bathroom appear bigger.