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BBA in Computer Application Semester 4 Textbooks | Career, Job Prospects, Study Materials |

Second Year BBA Computer Applications (BBA CA) Semester 4 Textbooks as per Pune University’s CBCS Pattern. Shop on our website to avail great discounts. Book Set Available on Amazon and Flipkart. E-Books Available on and

Semester 4 (SY - Second Year) |

BBA in Computer Application
BBA in Computer Application or BBA CA is a three-year bachelor degree intended to give some high level utilization of computer science to the students. The BBA CA degree program is divided into 6 semester with each semester comprising topics from Computer science and its various applications. These course aims to trains students on various aspects of Information technology field and allow them to handle different freedoms and difficulties in the IT ventures.

NETWORKING (SY BBA (CA) Semester 4) |
  1. Introduction to Computer Network
  2. Network Models
  3. Transmission Media
  4. Wired and Wireless LANs
  5. Network Connectivity Devices
  6. Network Security
  1. Introduction to C++
  2. Beginning with C++
  3. Classes and Objects
  4. Constructors and Destructors
  5. Inheritance
  6. Polymorphism
  7. Managing console I/O operations
  8. Working with Files
  9. Templates
  1. Introduction to Operating System
  2. System Structure
  3. Process Management
  4. CPU Scheduling
  5. Process Synchronization
  6. Deadlock
  7. Memory Management
  8. File System
  9. I/O System
ADVANCE PHP (SY BBA (CA) Semester 4) |
  1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  2. Web Techniques
  3. XML
  4. Ajax with PHP
  5. Introduction to Web Services
  6. PHP Framework (Joomal / Drupal) Bibliography
NODE-JS (SY BBA (CA) Semester 4) |
  1. Introduction to Node JS,
  2. Node JS Modules,
  3. Node Package Manager,
  4. Web Server,
  5. File System,
  6. Events,
  7. Database Connectivity.