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Cleaning Company services

Beaver Maids is a growing eco-friendly residential & commercial cleaning service. We use eco-friendly cleaning products which keeps you, our customers and the earth happy, healthy and safe while getting the job done effectively.


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f you want to keep your home clean on a regular basis, our recurring services would be perfect for you! Simply let us know how often you need us to come and a team will be there on the date/time you choose.
A lot of our customers like to go with our bi-weekly option. However, we have quite a few weekly and monthly clients as well.

What type of things are done during a regular cleaning?
Our goal during your first cleaning is to get your home back to 100%. Then we will “maintain” the cleanliness of the home with our recurring appointments. We will always: dust, wipe, and sanitize all surfaces. Plus, we will keep up on those deep cleaning tasks so your home is always in tip-top shape!
If you ever need extra services such as: inside the oven, inside your fridge, or windows – you can always add those when booking.

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Builders, developers, contractors, and construction companies can count on Beaver Maids for our quality and reliable post construction cleaning service.

You can trust us to bring out the brilliance and shine in your new building project. Let us transform your construction site into the clean and beautiful masterpiece you created. We provide post construction cleaning for multi unit buildings as well as commercial post construction cleaning and residential post construction cleaning for builders and home owners.

We understand the urgency to have the site ready for occupancy once the construction crews are done. Because we know what gets left behind by crews, we come prepared to have the site ready in the least amount of time. Our professional cleaners pay close attention to detail and take care of items that others might miss. You can relax knowing that our professional cleaning service will turn your construction site into a welcoming home or business.

Request construction cleaning edmonton

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Do you have dust bunnies lurking behind your monitors? Sounds like time to close the book on lack lustre. Whether it’s your office or your store

From top to bottom and corner to corner, our commercial cleaning services are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Beaver Maids focuses on office cleaning and janitorial services for small and medium sized businesses.

Contact us today for your free estimate on Commercial Cleaning Services.

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Are you dreading having to come back to your old place once everything is already moved out only to spend hours cleaning? Want to be 100% sure you get that deposit back? Great, so do we!

Whether you are moving into a new home or moving out of your downtown apartment Beaver Maids can help you with your move out cleaning. You can book your cleaning service online in 60 seconds and we guarantee that you will have a cleaning crew at your place on time to make your entire moving process as seamless as possible.

Our move out cleaning package includes everything from inside your refrigerator, inside the microwave, inside all cabinets and drawers, your stove, vent hood, grease trap, EVERYTHING.

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Whether it’s a Spring Cleaning or it’s just been a while and you need to get back to a good starting point. Keeping up a room here and it isn’t too bad, but if your baseboards have gone from white to brown it’s going to take a deep clean to get you back to square one. Imagine leaving for the day and coming back to your home looking like it did the moved in. We can get you there.

Our deep cleans include cleaning all of the nooks and crannies that have been neglected. Check out our checklist for a complete checklist of what our deep cleaning includes. We allow you to add on extras like inside your fridge and inside your oven as well. Deep cleans are the perfect way to start off your recurring cleaning service. Once we get your home sparkling clean our recurring service will ensure that it never becomes dirty again.

Our motto is that all of our recurring cleans are deep cleans. Our crews will be sure to get your baseboards, blinds, and all those extras you don’t always see on each and every visit. It becomes much easier to maintain once we scrub everything the first time. You are not required to have a deep clean on our first visit, but we strongly recommend it so that we don’t spend months catching up!


Cleaning tip

Cleaning tip

Cleaning Tip

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Electrostatic disinfection provides 360 degree disinfectant coverage ideal for any industry.
Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting solutions electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces.
For example, no matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and cling to the entire surface. The system is faster than traditional wiping and safe for people, animals and plants.
Your facility is ready to use within minutes of application.

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Refer a friend that signs up for recurring service (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and YOU get a $50 Credit on your account and your friend gets $50 OFF their

5 Benefits Of Bed Making

Do you make the bed every morning? Some of us are diligent at bed making while others may grumble, “Why should I make the bed if I’m just going to unmake it this evening?” Well, if you fall in that last camp, it turns out there’s some logic behind tidying up your sleep space when you wake.

Take a look at five reasons why you should make your bed in the mornings.
It’s Easy and It Looks Good

Unless you’re doing something very wrong, it takes about five minutes — tops — to make the bed, and it’s not exactly a strenuous task. A freshly made bed also gives your bedroom a sleek and put-together appearance, so you’ll always be prepared if unexpected guests drop in.

A Neat Bed Sets the Tone for the Rest of the Home
When you see how uncluttered your space looks after bed making, you may be inspired to follow suit in other areas of your home. Neatness tends to spill over from room to room. This is especially true when you realize there are a variety of chores that take little to no time to accomplish. Help the good cleaning vibes flow through your house by checking out eight tasks you can complete in under a minute each
Making the Bed Can Boost Your Mood and Productivity
It’s nice to start your day with an accomplishment, even if it is a small one like bed making. Seeing your room uncluttered and tidy can make you feel organized, give you a sense of pride and motivate you to keep conquering all the tasks on your to-do list. In addition, you’ll be able to come home to a relaxing personal space free of chaos. And there’s no denying that climbing into a neatly made bed feels amazing, which can further enhance your mood.
A Made Bed Leads to a More Restful Night’s Sleep
We’ve already discussed the fact that your room looks more relaxing when you make the bed, and you can see how that could lead to those zzzs being easier to catch. However, research has also shown making the bed could be associated with sleeping better. According to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation
Bed Making = Less Dust Under the Covers
Now, making the bed doesn’t mean you’ll never have to dust your home again. That’s just wishful thinking. However, pulling those comforters snug can protect your sheets from any dust that may accumulate while you’re at work or running errands during the day.
The same is true for pet fur, dander and pollen, meaning bed making could help with cleaning for allergy sufferers.