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Lifestyle (love, Relationship )

We compose all aspects of life from the individual to international and personal to professional. you can fine more about life , emotions , love, relationship ,inspirations.

10 Qualities of a Real Man in a Relationship

When it comes to what are the qualities of a real man in a relationship? A man handles his relationship differently than other men. He behaves in a real way, and he treats his partner with kindness and respect.

30 Ways to Regulate Your Emotions for a Happier Life

If you want to self-process your emotions, there are plenty of ways. Everyone human being is different, so the ways to regulate your emotions are numerous. The learning might vary compared to others.

10 Reasons People Don't Really Like you and How to Fix it?

Yeah, there are 7.8 Billion. Some are likable, but some are not. Here are reasons why People Don't Really Like you and How to Fix it

15 Lifestyle Small Changes to be Happier

Lots of lifestyle changes can make you happier. Happiness is not something that happens by chance or luck; it is something you can work on.

5 Benefits Of A Positive Attitude

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” William James, American Philosopher & Psychologist

A positive attitude is a state of mind that allows you to imagine and expect good things. This does not mean that you should deny the adverse circumstances around you.

30 Short Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday

Short positive affirmations help you think more clearly more productively and more positively. Here are some phrases to make your day

10 Phrases Never to Say to a Heartbroken Person

Either its is death, breakup, financial loss. You should respect someone's grief. Here are some phrases never to say to a heartbroken person

10 Simple Ways to Fix Fucked Up Sleeping Schedule

our sleeping schedule has been disrupted badly because of our lifecycles and routines but you can fix fucked up sleeping schedule

What Is An Angel Number and What Does That Mean?

We all have guardian angel from birth to death. They protect and guide us. But how to communicate with them? Indeed, by angel number

6 Reason Why Taking Revenge On your Ex-Boyfriend is A Bad Idea

Here are some well researched reason why taking revenge on your ex-boyfriend is always a bad idea and how to cope with this sitution.

10 Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

You don't know telepathy, but you want to know that what someone is thinking about you. Here are some tips to confirm your doubts