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Best Photography Blog Posts

Photomi by Maria Povh is a storytelling service that uses photography as a vehicle to share your vision, mission, and dreams with those you care about the most focused on providing on-going support for your clients and or you are committed to deepening the relationship you have with them, Photomi may have a service that can facilitate that.


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Images are the same, but only if they are taken with care and attention. They convey the purpose and come in the category of perfection. It all counts in the hands of photographers and the trick that they use to make it perfect and photogenic

Photography Through The Different Aspects With Photographer of Melbourne Australia

As professional photographers, certain things are not comparable with the photography techniques. Learning and applying them can open up new vistas and possibilities, providing an endless arena for inspiration. All these possibilities can never let you out of the creative way. 

What Is The Best Thing That You Search in Wedding Photographers?

When you search for how to select and decide the best photographer, it can be complicated for you to decide which one is best. The different photographer claims to be the best in every perspective. But it depends on you to decide.

It’s not an easy task, so here we have compiled all the tricky tasks and tricks for wedding photoshoots that we use to be called the best photographer.

How We Take Your Artwork Photography Like A Pro: photomiau — LiveJournal

You have entered a contest and have submitted your art. The next question comes how to take great photos that professionally give the original view. An inevitable part of being an artist is having an exhibition of your art or what you have created, whether you want it digitally or for professional purpose.

Our Different Kind Of Portrait Photography

When do you desire variety in your web portfolio, add some distinct forms of portraits to the mix. Our photo styles are likely to help you stand out in showcasing yourself. Portrait styles are an excellent way to master portraying your art or self and add this up in your portfolio. The more styles you are familiar with, the easier it will be to earn capital through styles of photography. Whether you are new to the photography industry and want to perfect yourself, you always need to learn and ex

Do You Want To Find Affordable Wedding Photography - Photomi

If you're in search of inexpensive art galleries and thrift online to find the best photographers to capture the shoots on your wedding, these are some of the greatest options to scout in your queries. But if you're not living in a lively community, or just want to search in the dark, then our online photography services will turn your special day into a memorable day.

Words To Describe The Professional Photographer

A few known facts about photography can change your life and perspective of photography. What are the words to attribute the skilled professional ! He must be sharp, knows about the idea and angle of photography; the landscape can convert ugly into fabulous. What else?

Plant An Idea About the Best Photography Before Your Wedding

When the time comes for the wedding, there are a lot of arrangements to follow, like the budget and saving memory. This is your day, and it must be beautiful and shining. But the list of spending goes endless. There is certainly a thing that should be on priority in the midway, and that is wedding photography.

Editorial Photography Basics: Determining A Performance Rating

Are you stuck with the same boring photography idea, and no novelty can show up to you? You are not much to blame as you are in the fashion industry and want to have a new concept each day. You want something that can blow up the minds of passers-by and blow up the heads with published work. Even the most brilliant photographer can lose the concept, and his creativity burns out eventually when he can’t capture the interest of seekers. We heard you and decided to answer your queries. So below, we

Caring For Self, While We Care for Your Portrait Photography: photomiau — LiveJournal

When it comes to the name of photography, one of its kind portraits appears first in mind. It is an undeniable most common type of photography. Portrait photography is about taking people and their personalities on camera. But portraits often go beyond a shot of a joyful individual. It has a wide…

Depicting The Art Through the Artwork Photographer!

In every field and department, you have the opportunity to create stunning images. One of them is the artwork photography that represents your art in the exhibition and gallery. However, artwork shoot is in itself an art that brings colour to your crafts.

Thing That Can Seriously Improve The Memories In Family Photography

The family photography came from the greetings of photomi . For us, family is a very important component of life, as with every family. It gives us encouragement and strength when we need it the most. However, a family snapshot is a source of collective memory when we need it in the future

Why You Should Embrace The Wedding Photographers

We prepare exactly for the most significant event in our lives because everything should be thoroughly done down to the last detail on this wonderful day. Most of the time, you would want to get away from the usual patterns and styles and uninteresting workpieces that you have met hundreds of times previously at others’ wedding ceremonies. Your wonderful pair is intriguing, and your love is magical, which means you deserve the finest and most exceptional piece of art in the shape of photography.

Freedom of Editorial Photography That You Must Master to Be Successful – Photomiau

You might have considered photography as an art and the related creative freedom that it gives to you! Many things captured your mind about how this could be, freedom and art. But something very extraordinary can happen in editorial photography.  This type of photography practice gives photographers the freedom and choice to explore the new…

Hiring A Photographer Means You Want Them To Be Part Of Your Nostalgia

Many people know the general importance of the arts and creative sectors, but these sectors not only bring value to your life and moments but the art taker becomes a part of your memory- and this is something you might not expect. This is our call to action the important events and moments in your life through the photographers. Although selfies sometimes do the tricks and there is nothing better than professionally capturing the memories for you. It’s best and easy to capture things from other

Wedding Recollection Is A Nice Thing, But The Credit Goes To Photographer

It means something old and new, borrowed from history, old pages and somehow blue. Besides your wedding dress and the feelings, there is also something essential, and that is photos, and that you can apply to wedding photography.

Breaking Down into The Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is the most glamorized and sought-after kind of photography that wants trends and fashion follow-up. However, if you want to be visible on pages of fashion digest and National Geographic pages, you need editorial photography. It requires the work that can easily be found for selling editorials and making clients and having the marketing expertise. But it needs good people’s skills that can tell the story with your images. 

How A Portrait Photographer Captures Your Beauty in a Camera? – Photomiau

Do you want to see yourself more beautiful in your photos? That is the wish of every person to look stunning or elegant when someone captures their photos at a party, wedding function, or any seminar. In photographs, you capture the precious moments of your events for creating memories for long periods of time. Portrait…

Make Your Wedding Memorable With A Professional Wedding Photographer

Human Beings are created in pairs by nature; they meet each other in the world. Every wedding couple's day is made special by a wedding photographer. You would not see any wedding without a photographer. Photographers are the necessity of your special day, which makes it memorable for you till you are alive in the world.

How Can You Get Vision In Your Photographs With Editorial Photography

Numerous times, it has been stated that a photograph says thousands of words that every viewer depicts in their point of view. Due to the rapidly changing digital world, where the following story is only one fast swipe away, a striking image means a lot.

Endless Portrait Style Photographers: How You Should Never Go Ahead Without Search

Hiring a professional photographer is a tricky task because whatever experience you get remains within once. It's a type of challenge that you accept. On the one hand, there are so many professional photographers to choose from. And on the other hand, it's difficult to find someone who does the job according to your choice and demand.

Melbourne wedding photographer: How Can You Select The Perfect One?

That is one of the significant parts of your wedding, your wedding album design. Melbourne wedding photographers help you by offering you good quality wedding album designs through which you can tell your wedding story for many years.

Photomiau: A Step By Step Guide How Artwork Photographer Captures Your Art Like A Professional

After hours of your work on canvas and making it perfect for art lovers, you desire to have photographed to share it on your social media account. You might be exhausted from the work and want someone to show it up to your art and save it for later times.

Portrait Photographer Take pictures into Work with Your Every shot

The saying is that eyes are like a window that captures beauty and the soul. In other words, it’s like the window to the soul. That’s the reason the human eye can capture the beauty and the style in surroundings. Your outward beauty should be fascinating enough that it can be seen through that eye, even the digital eye. And the only sole component that can bring that beauty to the public is your portrait photographer.

Why Do Sports Photographers Have To Be Cautious Inside the Playing Place?

A Sports Photographer should be conscious of different factors while capturing photographs in a sports area. Rather than the referee and two opposing teams, the fourth party which is permitted to enter the playing arena is the photographer. However, a lot of responsibilities rest on the shoulders of the Sports Photographer Melbourne.