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Updated by Aatish khanna on Jun 21, 2021
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Top 8 Money-saving and Investment Apps to Save Money in India

Do you want to save money from your salary but lack the will and time to go to a bank to open a separate saving account? Well, technology has a solution for you in the form of money-saving apps. Below is our list made after thorough research of the top 9 money-saving and investment apps available in India:-


The Money Club

Chit fund is one of the rarest saving models, which also provides a high return on investment. The best place to invest money in Chit fund is the Money Club app. It links you with people who are willing to create a pool of funds. Apart from giving you good interest in your savings, this app also helps you borrow money.



Mint is an all-in-one free financial app. It pays your bill and also reminds you about their due date before few days. In addition, it helps you in creating a budget and define your spending habits. Mint also alerts you for any extraordinary transaction from your bank.



This is a unique money-saving app. It allows you to compare the prices of any products from different sellers. It guides you to the best deals and offers available on shopping sites. You can win free recharge on MySmartPrice and make secured and quick payments.



This is a gift for online shopping freaks. You get lots of cashback by paying through this app. You also get cashback and deals from over 1000 merchants on this app. Swagbucks also distributes reward points and free gifts amongst its users. It supports both Android and iOS.



Shares and debentures are some of the best options when it comes to investing in India. Zerodha is a top investment app that helps you with investing in shares. It also handles your Demat account along with offering you valuable tips and predictions. Zerodha provides you with a platform where you can do share trading easily.



We can call Groww and Zerodha competitors. Anyone who wants to invest and save money in India through shares can go to these apps. You can trade with NSE and BSE stocks on Groww. It also assists you in IPO subscription, managing your Demat account, and daily share trading.


Coupon Dunia

Coupon Dunia means the world of coupons in literal terms. This app has got offers, cashback, deals, and discounts coupons for products from almost every site. If you want to save money in India, you should know money-saving apps like this to get maximum discount on any product. You can also earn reward points on Coupon Dunia.



Cred is a website and app created for paying credit card bills. It gives you cred coins as reward points. You must’ve seen the famous advertisement where Rahul Dravid is in rage. If you noticed other things in that ad, it says you can use your cred points for paying bills and online shopping. You can also use your cred points in charity causes.