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In this list, we provide details about cryptocurrency, and updates about money, business and investment.

3 reasons why Cardano (ADA) is better than Ethereum

Cardano (ADA) founder and also the co-creator of Ethereum has said that Cardano is better than Ethereum and he has given 3 reasons behind it.

” We are all going to die if Bitcoin is widely accepted “, says a Chinese Market Expert

A Chinese Market expert named Qu Qiang has predicted that we all are going to die if Bitcoin is widely accepted as a currency.

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In this article, we feature 6 Crypto tokens you should watch out for and may even buy in June 2021 for maximum monetary profit.

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Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin belives that the biggest issue in front of Ethereum is not something technical but an issue related to this..

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A large section of Crypto community believes that Cardano (ADA) has the potential to flip both Ethereum & Bitcoin in 2022. Can it? We see in the article.

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As per an MIT initiative, 3100 students were given Bitcoins worth $ 100 each for free in 2014 which they spent on grocery, beer and shoes.

Ethereum & Dogecoin collaboration? Vitalik Buterin welcomes the idea, Elon Musk agrees

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin presented his views on a potential Ethereum & Dogecoin collaboration in future during an interview last week.

Coinbase advises investors against showing off their crypto rich portfolio, plans crypto investment for clients post ...

Coinbase has advised its clients and other investors to not to flaunt their crypto wealth so that they don't attack crypto threats upon them.

Iran drops hints about legalizing cryptocurrencies, India summons Binance for an enquiry

Iran has dropped hints about legalizing cryptocurrency in the country while not so good signs from India which has summoned Binance for an enquiry.

After Bitcoin, Goldman Sachs stretches into Crypto trading by offering plans for Ethereum

After four months of accepting Bitcoin, Goldman Sachs stretches into Crypto trading by offering future and option trading plans for Ethereum.

Dogecoin fans launched Baby Dogecoin, value grew by 22,000 % in 18 days

Dogecoin fans have launched Baby Dogecoin recently whose value has grown by 22000% in the past 18 days which is about 1222% on daily average.

Jim Cramer trusts Ethereum more than Bitcoin, here is why - CoinMojo

Popular American television personality Jim Cramer has said that he trusts Ethereum more than Bitcoin and there is only one reason behind it.

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Co-head of Galaxy Digital Trading at Galaxy Digital, Jason Urban expects the Bitcoin to breach its existing All time high and reach $70000 by the year end.

Bank of Tanzania indicates a possible uplifting of Crypto ban, Iran also gives license to 30 crypto mining farms

Bank of Tanzania (BOT) has indicated towards a possible uplifting of crypto ban while on the other hand, Iran has licensed 30 mining farms.

After Bitcoin, is El Salvador going to accept Cardano next?

After Bitcoin, is El Salvador going to accept Cardano next? Here is what Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson had to say on this.

Ethereum beats Bitcoin on this metric for the first time ever

In a highly positive news for underwhelming Ethereum community, Ethereum has beaten Bitcoin on a certain matric for the first time ever.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey refuses to invest in Ethereum, JP Morgan targets Ethereum staking

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has rejected and refused to invest in Ethereum while JP Morgan said it is targeting Ethereum staking in future.

After Baby Dogecoin, we now have a Daddy Doge as a new member in the family

After Baby Dogecoin, Doge family has got a new member in Daddy Doge. The Daddy Doge token has been launched yesterday aiming for the moon.

European Union (EU) to make the possession of private wallets illegal : Reports

European Union (EU) may possibly make the possession of private wallets illegal if reports are to believed. A draft has been proposed already.

Ethereum becomes the top-ranked project on Coinrank for the second consecutive month

According to Coinrank evaluation, Ethereum has become the top-ranked crypto project on its platform for second consecutive month followed by Cardano.

Is Satoshi Nakamoto on the move? - Whale activates a dormant address after 9 years by moving out 791 Bitcoins

A dormant wallet has been discovered moving out 791 Bitcoins worth 26 million dollars after 9 years and people are speculating it is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ethereum co-founder decides to quit cryptocurrency due to safety reasons

48 years old Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio has decided to quit cryptocurrency due to safety reasons. He plans to sell out in upcoming weeks.

Majority of Finder survey panelists expect Bitcoin to surpass the global fiat financial system by 2040

According to a survey conducted by finance platform Finder, the majority of the panelists expect Bitcoin to surpass the global fiat financial system by 2040

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey puts a flag after ETH logo, people see the funny side of it

Internet was left bemused when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put a flag after ETH logo. Later when the reason was known, people saw the funny side.

Footage of protest against Bitcoin comes from El Salvador

When crypto community has been celebrating the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador, a footage of protest against it has come from the country.