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Breast Cancer Prevalence In India

Breast cancer is a growing health concern in India. Mostly women are prone to this disease, as it is a rare malignancy in men with an incidence rate of 0.5–1%. In this blog, I will be shedding light on breast cancer prevalence in Indian women.

Cervical Cancer - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Side-Effects - Lahari & Chanakya

In this blog, I'm talking all about cervical cancer. From causes to side effects read on everything on cervical cancer.

How To Self Test For Testicular Cancer At Home - Lahari & Chanakya

In this blog, I'm here to explain how you can self test for testicular cancer at home in a simple way. Read on to know more.

Early Symptoms of Colon or Colorectal Cancer - Lahari & Chanakya

Everyone recognizes breast cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer as the leading causes of mortality in the Indian subcontinent. Colorectal cancer is a lesser-known disease in India as its prevalence is lower than in western countries, but you would be surprised to know that it is the seventh (7th) leading cause of mortality in India!

What is Cancer and how it starts? - Lahari & Chanakya

In this blog, Dr Lahari Chankaya explains what exactly is cancer and how it starts. Get to know all about cancer with us.