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Headline for Most famous Hoi An specialities - Admire local culinary delights
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Most famous Hoi An specialities - Admire local culinary delights

When in Hoi An, you should not miss trying out its stunning array of Vietnamese food. All the alleys, laneways and street food stalls in the town are packed with eateries and restaurants. Here are some Hoi An specialities to try out during your holiday.


Hoi An street food

Hoi An street food is filled with local specialities. The delicious dishes which are being served at restaurants began their days as street food. Com Ga, Mi Quang and Cao Lau are popular dishes among working people in Vietnam. This street food sums up a three-tier process: it's quick, satisfying and healthy. Even though it is called 'street food', the standards of these dishes are high. Generally, one vendor would sell one or two types but when you go to another vendor in the same lane, you will find different varieties. While travelling makes sure to keep an eye out for the places where locals flock for meals. Step into a street food stall and eat like a local.


Bánh Mì

Pronounced "Barn Mee", this local speciality is a baguette dish with a variety of ingredients. It will look like an ordinary sandwich offered at any restaurant but there is a difference in terms of ingredients and texture. There two major exponents of sandwich makers here: Mi Phuong, and Madam Khanh. If you drop in at one of the restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam the likes of Art Space Hoi An, you will be offered popular local food such as Bánh Mì.


Mi Quang

Here is a treat for all soup lovers! Pronounced "Mee Kwong" this bowl of soup is a favourite pick of locals. The Hoi An version of Mi Quang is more of a saucy noodle dish. The dish was first introduced in the Quang province which gives the meaning 'noodles from Quang'. The noodles get its impressive yellow colour with the addition of turmeric. It is usually served with broth-based herbs, various proteins and sauce. In order to give it more taste, the dish can include chicken, pork sausages, prawns or quail eggs. Toasted sesame rice and crushed peanuts added to the top create a crunchy layer to the brothy sauce.


Mi Quang Ong Hai

When it comes to Mi Quang Ong Hai, it is the highest-rated dish by bloggers and foodies. You will not regret taking a short walk from the Old Town to Mr Hai's eatery to savour this dish. The perfectly cooked noodles with rice broth and light turmeric flavour turn it into an excellent version of the dish. Unlike spaghetti noodles, this dish gives a lovely texture for a heartier meal. It is also served with spring rolls and grilled meat.


Cao Lau

This popular dish is a Hoi An only affair! A rich pork bone broth, pork and local vegetables over chewy noodles make this dish extra classic. There is a reason as to why you will not find this dish in any other restaurant or eatery in the town. The chunky rice meal noodles are dried and hand-shaped only in Hoi An. The alkalinity and minerality of water in this part of the region convert the noodles into its shallow colour, extra chewy texture by giving it a unique identity.