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Top 8 Foods to Eat in Vietnam - A journey to remember

Vietnam has an amazing culture and the food there is no different. Here are a few yummy dishes you must try when in the country.


Husband and Wife pie, Banh Phu

This pie has such a name since it comes only in pairs of two. The idea is to portray the love of a couple, and of course, it tastes sweet. Originally a royal dessert, this is now a common dish found in any one of the Hoi An restaurants, for instance, the one found at Anantara Hoi An Resort. Wrapped in brown dried banana leaves, the yellow colour of the pie stands out deliciously. The pie is made with rice, green beans, sugar and shredded coconut.


West Lake Coot

The main ingredient in this dish is Eurasian Coot and thus, the name. This dish is yet again a famous royal dish. Coots are healthy super foods and was a favourite dish of Emperor Tu Doc plus the people of West Lake.


Anh Vu Car

The carp meat is white, firm and flavoursome. Being a specialty of the Phu Tho Province, this fish dish is considered to be one of the tastiest dishes in the country.


Longan and lotus see

Longan and lotus seed is a popular dessert and originates from Hien town, which is found in the province of Hung Yen. This dish is juicy and sweet; it is also quite expensive, but you must treat yourself to the dessert if you are a person who has the love for things sweet.


Dong Kao Chicken

Dong kao is a special dish and originates from the Hung Yen Province. A special breed of chicken is used to make this dish. They are bred in the Khoai CHau district of Vietnam and these birds have huge legs. The legs are so big they are locally known as "elephant legs". The chicken is almost as big as a turkey and the older the bird is, the tasier the meat is. The dishes created from this bird's meat is known as Dragon Meat or Dragon Slow Cooked with Herbs.


Ngu Banana

This banana comes from the Nam Dinh Province and used to be a royal gift for the dignitaries visiting the area. This fruit is small in size and has a wonderfully sweet taste and aroma.


Com Vong, Early Green Rice

Early Green Rice, or Com Vong used to be popular during the Ly Dynasty and was made frequently for the Emperor then. Now, you can try this yummy dish at any street food stall in Vietnam. You can eat this dish with sticky rice, with bananas or as it is.


Water Spinach

Considered poor man's food in the olden days, the water spinach is now famous as it is a healthy food to have. Seen as a delicacy, the water spinach is quite hard to grow as it requires special process and attention to grow well. But, if you are in luck, you will find a place that serves this, and if you do, try it immediately!