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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Malaysia - Mini guide for first-timers

Malaysia is a popular travel destination in this part of the world and here are a few things you might want to know about the place before you plan your next trip to this country.


The culture and history of Malaysia

This country is an amazing cultural hub, that is a melting pot of cultures from all over Asia. You will find that Indian and Chinese have the highest influences here that are visible in their food plus architecture. But, you will also be able to see influence from the rest of Southeast Asia. This blend is highly visible when you are in places like Penang. Georgetown is the capital of the place and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You definitely must visit it when you are in Malaysia and are staying at one of the beach resorts in Malaysia the likes of Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas.


The wildlife and nature in Malaysia

While the country is known for its rich and diverse wildlife, it is also one of the greatest places to take a look at orangutans while they roam about in their natural habitats. The third-largest island in Asia is located in this country and is one of the best places to see these endangered species in all of their majestic form. There are various little hills and mountains you can also go trekking on when in this part of the country.


The Metropolitan of Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and it has almost everything you might want to check out while on a holiday. Filled with shopping malls, delicious street food markets, bazaars, night markets and various entertainment and attractions, Kuala Lumpur is a thriving hub for both the modern and the past experiences that Malaysia has to offer.


The beaches of Malaysia

Being a tropical island located in the Southern part of Asia, Malaysia is blessed with amazing weather and sunshine throughout the year. There are various beaches you will want to explore when in this country, so keep aside a few days during your vacation to make sure you have no plans except to sit and lounge on these beaches.


Dining in Malaysia

Because of its influence from various countries in Asia, Malaysia has a variety of cuisines and dishes for you to choose from. Whether you are at a street stall haggling for food or are at a high-end restaurant, this country will surely take you on a gastronomic journey. Do not miss out on the famous street food stalls this country is famous for. While walking around the streets of Malaysia, you can pick up some snacks from the street vendors and munch on some yummy local items while you window shop. Luxury dining is also something you definitely must experience when in Malaysia, thus treat yourself to a night of luxury too! This would be a great idea, especially if you are travelling with a loved one to Malaysia.