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Headline for Omani Food You Must Definitely Try Out in Oman - For an unforgettable gastronomic experience!
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Omani Food You Must Definitely Try Out in Oman - For an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

Middle Eastern cuisine is full of nutrient-dense, wholesome, fragrant, and fresh foods that you can eat all day long. The following are a few of the most common foods in Oman. You simply cannot miss out on these delicious delights!


The Hummus

It's unusual to see a dip on a "famous food list." Hummus, on the other hand, is deserving of a spot. People generally crave the chickpea spread whenever they try some kind of Arab cuisine, whether they are digging in grilled meat, salad, or wanting a spread to apply on freshly baked buns and loaves of bread! Hummus is an all-rounder that is guaranteed to delight your taste buds! Check out some of the restaurants in Oman for a truly authentic dining experience. You will be surprised that they all have a serving of Hummus, it is a staple you can't do without! Buffet dining is available at properties such as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort too!



The Manakeesh, a traditional Arabian dish, deserves a mention. Manakeesh is essentially a pizza. As a result, you should anticipate a baked bread with a tasty filling atop. The filling is what makes it special. It is served either with ground beef, zaatar, or cheese. It's great for either breakfast or lunch and even breakfast and lunch! You'll definitely be grabbing the Manakeesh everywhere you go!



Falafel is a dish that we've all heard about. In any part of a country, any Arab food stall will cook up a falafel dish. However, trying it in the Middle East where its birthplace is and it will be a completely different experience. These are the finest falafels you'll find, and the authentic flavours of local herbs and spices make these dishes simply delectable!


Ful Medames

Olive oil, fava beans, lemon, garlic, and onions are used to make the ful medames. Although it might not particularly look appetising, the flavours more than makeup for it. Do not let the absence of creative presentation put you off! You can never judge a dish by its appearance! The ful medames bears witness to the statement!



A common misunderstanding is that Tabouleh is only for vegetarians. That could not be farther from the truth. This intriguing blend of mint, parsley, bulgur, onions, and tomatoes results in a salad that is both nutrient-dense and delicious! And guess what? You could easily replace an entire meal with this delicious salad!


Fattoush Salad

Another famous Middle Eastern salad that is worthy of your attention is Fattoush. The crispy pita, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, mint cucumbers, onions bathed in olive oil and lemon juice is something else! All of these ingredients combine really well to create a salad unlike any other!



Did you think we forgot the shawarmas? Well, how can that be possible? Any Arab cuisine will be incomplete without it! When you're visiting the Middle East, all you will ever want to eat is skewered meats, salad, garlic, pickle, all wrapped in fresh pita.