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Victoria Falls Top 6 Fun Facts – Try not to get swept away!

Waterfalls around the world have long enthralled humanity. Taking a hike or exploring trails to come upon a clearing with a waterfall is a truly amazing sight and one that is treasured by all nature enthusiasts. Victoria Falls stands amongst the pinnacle of waterfalls and is a wonder of the world.


The official discovery of the Victoria Falls

While this landmark was long known to the local communities for centuries, it was brought into a wider audience by the traveller David Livingstone who stumbled upon it in 1855. He also went onto name the area he found the waterfall in as Livingstone and the small outcrop of land near the falls as 'Livingstone Island'.


The importance of the Zambezi River

The value of the Zambezi River in the existence of the Victoria River could not be stressed further. The very existence of the waterfall depends on the flow of the 2574-kilometre-long river.


The ebb and flow of the river

Giving the seasonal changes that are experienced by the Zambezi river, there will be a shift in the water levels from September to December. This gives an opportunity to the bravest amongst the visitors to make their way towards what is, aptly, referred to as the Devils Pool. Once you have reached this location people are able to swim up to the very edge of Victoria Falls.
Additionally, it is important to Victoria Falls is the worlds largest curtain of falling water, at 1708 metres wide and 108 metres tall.


The Victoria Falls Rainforest

If you are staying at a Livingstone hotel such as the Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara the staff would be more than happy to make recommendations of things you can get up to during your stay. They may even recommend a trip to the stunning Victoria Falls Rainforest which is well known for its constant rainfall.
While this may seem amazing it is a matter of the water vapour from the nearby waterfall evaporating and coming down as rain within the rainforest. This makes this the only place on earth where it rains every single day!
A brilliant addition to anyone's itinerary, particularly if they are travelling with children who love a sense of wonder and adventure.


Experience the Moonbow

One of Africa's best-kept secrets, this Moonbow is a name given to a night-time rainbow that occurs given the manner with which the moonlight reflects off of the water spray from the waterfall. Enthusiastic travellers can find the opportunity to enjoy this phenomenon from sunset to sunrise and it is a breath-taking sight to behold.


Victoria Falls and its bordering nations

This wonder of the world lies between two nations namely that of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean side is generally going to be the location where you will experience the most water spray so be sure to pack your belongings in waterproof bags.
Ultimately, being in the presence of such a powerful force of nature is a life-changing and truly humbling experience that must be cherished!