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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Top 5 Things To Do & Must-See Attractions in Angkor – Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime

The history of Cambodia runs deep. From its ancient culture to its interactions with the surrounding nations, this country has seen its fair share of life. Today this nation is well known for the heaps of cultural landmarks that have stood the test of time drawing in travellers in droves each year.


The temple of Banteay Srei

Renown across the world for the delicate rose structures that form this temple, the landmark is considered to be a major part of the Angkorian art identity. The entire complex is filled with cravings of ancient nymphs, the site was built in 967 AD under the patronage of a scholar priest.

If you are visiting Cambodia as a luxury traveller and staying at a location like the Anantara Angkor Resort then this would be an ideal excursion to be followed up by some of the best in Siem Reap dining that can be found in the area.


Ta Som Temple

Very popular on social media, this location is easily recognized by the almost monolithic columns of fig tree roots that have taken over the remains of one of Angkor's smaller temples.
One of the reasons that make this location so attractive is in fact the manner in which nature has almost assimilated itself into the ruins of the temple.


The Terrace of the Elephants

This stunning section of the walled city of Angkor Thom is well regarded for the stunning array of stone carvings that can be found at the location. With its many depictions of elephants carved onto the granite walls has led to the sites name and is visited by large numbers of tourist each year.
Located roughly 6 kilometres from Siem Reap, many people choose to visit this location using a nifty tuk-tuk or they simply will choose a group tour!


What is the Bayon?

Widely considered to be the pinnacle of artistic expression during the reign of King Jayavarman VII, this structure that has carved giant impressions of 200 faces upon close to 50 towers is a truly amazing sight to behold. This is also a major testament to the ingenuity of ancient artists who have gone on to achieve so many wonderous feats of design with a minute fraction of resources and tools at their disposal.


Ta Prohm

This location may be familiar to a large group of those who see pictures of it found online. This location was actually initially popularized due to its depiction within the popular videogame, 'Lara Croft' all the way back in 2001.
Originally built as a 12th-century Buddhist temple, this landmark destination has now become overtaken by the woods around it. With a massive flow of travellers visiting this location, it can be considered the second most popular location to visit in the areas surrounding Siem Reap.
It is only once you try and look past the massive trees that have dominated the location, that you realise the true scale of this site!