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Updated by Andrew Davis on Jun 19, 2014
Headline for 10 Must-See Sessions @ Content Marketing World
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10 Must-See Sessions @ Content Marketing World

I'm headed to Content Marketing World this year. With an amazing line-up (as usual) here are a few sessions, I'm NOT going to miss.


Michael Brenner - Expert Panel: Quality vs. Quantity - How Much Content is Enough. How Good Does It Need To Be? (Inte...

The quality vs. quantity debate is something marketers have always struggled with. Reach vs. frequency. Sending enough leads to satisfy sales vs. sending them leads that convert to purchase. And content marketers in every industry are now facing the same dilemma: How much content is enough and how good does it need to be? In this panel discussion, you will hear from some of the leading minds in Content Marketing on how to balance between the need to create enough content to increase your share of customer conversations vs. the need to represent your unique point of view and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Jay Baer - Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype - Content Marketing World

The difference between helping and selling is just 2 letters. But those letters make all the difference.

Todd Wheatland - Visual Content Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren't Using and Should (Intermediate) - Content Ma...

Visual Content Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren't Using and Should (Intermediate) Content is evolving. No longer are white papers and webinars the secret to content marketing success - visual is becoming the norm.

Randall Lane - The New Urgency of Putting Content Marketing through a Consumer Media Prism - Content Marketing World

Readers and users have ever-higher expectations for the media they consume, and increasing openness about its provenance, yet many marketers have not adapted their content to this changing landscape. There is an opportunity, but time is running out.

Ann Handley - Content Creation Innovations that Separate the Good to Great (Intermediate) - Content Marketing World

Everyone is doing content marketing, but just a few are doing it right. Listen to the queen of content marketing describe what truly separates the good from the great in content marketing.

JoAnn Sciarrino - Can You Actually Measure the Value of Brand Storytelling? - Content Marketing World

As a marketer, you are being asked to quantify and measure the impact of your company’s branded content marketing. Are you scratching your head and thinking “How am I going to do that?” The confluence of big data, content analysis and social media have enabled several successful brands to accurately measure brand stories. U of North Carolina’s and former AT&T Research head JoAnn Sciarrino will show us how.

Scott Abel - The Content Marketing Futurist - 5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore (...

Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right format, and in the right language is the goal of every professional content marketer. But, the pace of change is fast, and each and every step forward is often accompanied by two steps back. That’s because the speed of technological change is outstripping our ability to keep up. It seems we’re always playing catch up. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this must-see presentation, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, will showcase five powerful information technology innovations that, when harnessed by professional content marketers, can help us future-proof our content marketing efforts and ensure we’re meeting – even exceeding – our goals.

Pamela Muldoon - Why You Need to Develop Your Audio Platform Now (It's More than Podcasting) (Intermediate) - Content...

Companies and agencies can develop audio content services just as they do other strategies such as web development, writing, social media management and other forms of content creation. This session will breakdown why audio content is more than podcasting, the various ways in which audio can be leverage as part of a content marketing plan, why audio producers and voice talents are key to the content team and how to get an audio studio up and running, regardless of the size of the organization. By thinking outside of the podcasting box, a company or agency can provide audio services for various results: testimonials, blog content, book content, SME interviews, training and more.

Carlos Hidalgo - Improve the Value of Content Marketing by Generating Perpetual Demand (Advanced) - Content Marketing...

Improve the Value of Content Marketing by Generating Perpetual Demand (Advanced) Today's marketers struggle with content marketing - 64% state their biggest challenge is producing enough content while 52% say their biggest challenge is producing content that engages. This continued struggle comes from taking a tactical view to demand generation versus strategic.

Lauren Moler - I'll Give You a Piece of My Mind! Building a Content Strategy with Mental Models (Intermediate) - Cont...

Have a lot in your head about content strategy, but not sure how to turn it into a reality? Mental models are a way to take what’s in your brain and put it on paper. Once you have something tangible to share, you can distribute it to your organization and get your stakeholders involved in executing your content strategy. Lauren, from billion-dollar tech stalwart National Instruments, will show you a case study that resulted in increased leads and online revenue following this methodology.

Bonus - Andrew Davis (me) - Bigger Success. Less Content. Across More Platforms. (Advanced) - Content Marketing World

Let's face it. One of the most difficult aspects of executing a consistently successful content marketing strategy is keeping up with creating ALL that content. Guess what, you don't have to (I guarantee it.) In this must-attend session, Author Andrew Davis will show you real-life examples of successful companies (big and small) who have created less content but delivered stunning results.