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Best Customer Support Call Back Solutions – MCUBE

Cloud telephony has assisted the various sectors in transforming the face of their business call management and on-call customer service. Apart from this, cloud telephony has also helped brands keep an eye on their marketing campaigns, agents’ performance, orders placed on calls, etc.

Best Customer Support Call Back Solutions

Cloud telephony has assisted the various sectors to transform the face of their business call management and on-call customer service. Apart from this, cloud telephony has also helped brands keep an eye on their marketing campaigns, agents’ performance, orders placed on calls, etc. Let us have a look at how cloud telephony products are resolving the challenges faced by the business industry.

  1. It saves cost and increases profit
  2. It upgrades customer experience
  3. It efficiently monitors all customer Queries

Does Your Business Need an Integrated CRM with cloud?

Before we answer the million-dollar question; it is necessary to understand the role of CRM. CRM is a customer relationship management refers to all strategies, techniques, tools, and technologies used by businesses to develop, retain and acquire customers. Your business will accelerate much faster if your CRM integrates with a hybrid cloud. It helps your business with Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Automated Call Distribution services. It also provides a toll-free number to give customers a better experience without any cost and it gives the business a unique identity. But more importantly, it helps you to integrate security, networking, management, analytics while providing a flexible and seamless model that is fit for future growth. The enterprise will be able to achieve cost mitigation and better visibility on the cloud networks. It helps enterprises to boost business.

Three Pillars of Business
Today business is based on three pillars. Firstly, multilevel data (including customer data) is becoming the next natural resource. The second pillar is about the application of data. It is about ensuring the data at hand can be trusted and deriving value from it. The third pillar is the digital ecosystem by building modern business models and reshaping some of the standard business. To make the best of the three pillars, today organizations are adopting a highly flexible hybrid cloud- a combination of customers' own IT and third-party cloud environments.

Today, if you want to scale from 20 telephone lines to 20,000 lines; it can be done in a matter of minutes through the magic of cloud telephony; to provide scale and reliability at a lower cost. Can you remember the success of cloud telephony services in the popular television show Satyamev Jayate’? When host Amir says calling a particular number flashing on the screen, the surge was 2000 calls a minute. Only on-demand hosted technology providers with robust systems could address their needs. This is the miracle of cloud telephony. The cloud telephony solution can take up more than 4 million calls in a day and its biggest attraction to customers is the analytics and actionable intelligence that they can provide. The Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Automated Call Distribution services can provide several insights helpful for cloud telephony users to both attract and retain customers.

The pandemic has taught us that the world is unpredictable, and all businesses can prepare for any result. A flexible and highly scalable cloud system will help enterprises recover as well bounce back with less hassle.


How can cloud telephony solve business challenges? - MCUBE

How can cloud telephony solve business challenges? - MCUBE

How can cloud telephony solve business challenges?

The main objective of cloud telephony is to empower as many businesses as possible irrespective of the volume that they deal with. Hailed as ‘modern-day electricity, cloud technology is revolutionizing the face of business, offering innumerable opportunities to enterprises who desire to optimize their resources. The workforce is the most important building block of any organization, and as such, it needs to be at the focus of any digital transformation.

A growing business or any business requires a lot of planning, networking, and expertise. You need to expand the business campaign and continuity to ensure you are driving your business in the right direction. Eventually, from small to big, every business faces a lot of intangible obstacles. Enterprise cloud solutions make the challenges a lot simpler. It facilitates analytics and intelligent services at the age of technology.
Barrier 1: Communication Challenge

The cloud is helping corporate leaders collaborate with stakeholders as well as access real-time data on their business from the remote working environment. Corporate leaders turn the data into actionable insight for aiding their business progression planning for the coming months.

Barrier 2: Marketing Challenge
Lead management system in the cloud offers companies to ensure the maximum level of marketing productivity. It gives the opportunity to

  1. Customized lead Assignment
  2. Follow Up and Manage all Leads in One Place
  3. Leads and Prospects.
  4. Track Sales Activity Across Your Different Teams
  5. Finding the Next Customers

Acquiring new customers is a heavy criterion for business expansion while retaining customers is the key for steady revenue growth. The sales team of any organization needs readily available data at their fingertips. It supplies a snapshot view of current clients and potential customers to them.

An effective cloud ERP can address this. Customers can get a 360 view of sales, services, transactions, and more.
Barrier 3: Distribution Challenge
Cloud is imperative to consider parameters such as networking speed, storage, and security. It is a way of consolidating digital resources into an on-demand, online and accessible solution. The ability to offer the shared resources without the technical or monetary impact of setting them up or keeping them maintained is another benefit of using cloud technology. The main benefits of the cloud to prevent distribution challenges are,

  1. Security and Disaster Assistance
  2. Off-site data storage
  3. Access from Anywhere
  4. Lower cost of ownership

Today’s organizations want systems and processes that are simple, easy to use, flexible, scalable, and capable of supporting digital transformation. Cloud telephony is not just the basic telecom services, but the technology on top that provides value.

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