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10 historical places in Changsha – A culturally rich destination

From time-honored historical buildings, monuments, magnificent palaces, and culture-rich attractions - Changsha – China has a lot to offer travellers. Here are the top 10 historical places to visit during your time there!


Tianxin Tower

One of the few remaining symbols reminiscent of the ancient city, the Tianxin Tower was built in the year 170 and has played a major role in both the administrative and cultural history of the city. You can opt to visit the tower and the surrounding park either in the morning as it is quite pleasant or towards the evening where you will also get the chance to watch engaging dance performances and sword fights.


Changsha Museum

The Changsha Museum is a great way to start your tour of the city. A preservation centre of the ancient and illustrious history of the island highlights to take in while here include, the Mao Zhedong Statue and precious displays of jade ornaments, ceramic collections, and a series of stunning gardens. The museum can easily be reached from many Changsha apartments including the likes of Citadines Xingsha Changsha as well.


Yuelu Academy

Located at the foot of the Yuelu Mountain, the Yuelu Academy traces its roots back to 976 and today ranks among the top institutions of higher learning in China. Dotted with manicured landscaped gardens, traditional pavilions, and tranquil carp ponds, the campus makes for a stunning historical place to visit. While visiting do keep in mind to maintain a respectful silence as it's a place of learning.


Mao Zedong's Former Residence

Known as Shao Shan, the former residence of the great Mao Zedong offers visitors a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of his life and take in relics of his generation. Consider visiting early on during the day to avoid the long queues that generally tend to form towards mid-morning due to the historical importance of the attraction.


Hunan Provincial Museum

Located in Kaifu District, the Hunan Provincial Museum was founded in early 1950 and is home to a wide range of cultural relics excavated from the famous Mawangdui Tombs belonging to the Han Dynasty era, and is listed as one of the most artistic and largest museums in the Hunan Province.


Xingjian River

Simply known as the Xiang, this river is the largest tributaries of the Yangtze River and is referred to fondly as the mother river of Changsha, The scenic river belt is home to exercise squares, and historic landscapes with comprehensive features to take in including flood protection.


Kaifu Temple

Located out on the northern end of Changsha, the Kaifu Temple lays claim to over 1000 years of rich history. The temple covers over 48,000 square meters and includes key architectural features of the Qing Dynasty. The entrance fee for the temple is CNY10.


Tianxin Pavilion

A pavilion standing on a collection of ancient walls, this historical attraction is located on the ramparts of Changsha. Built in 1746, the pavilion features some treasured calligraphy and paintings by important historical figures.


Mawangdui Han Tombs

One of the most exciting spots to take in the Hunan Province, the famed Mawangdui Han Tombs is located in the eastern suburb of Changsha city. Excavated between 1972 and 1973, the tombs have yielded over 3000 relics including silk books, paintings, lacquer works, and more. Visitors can visit the site free of charge here.


Orange Isle

Located at the city center of Changsha on Xiang River, the Orange Isle is particularly popular with locals and visitors alike, especially during the summertime. Comprising of three isles, the picturesque belt connects the Yuelu Mountain in the West to east side's downtown and, is a great place to visit to take in some stunning views of the city.