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6 Street Food Dishes to Never Miss When in Malaysia – Tantalising Foodie Treats

If you visit the charming nation of Malaysia, you should undoubtedly take the opportunity to savour street foods such as nasi lemak, satay, Ramly burger and more, as described below.


Nasi Lemak

The popular nasi lemak would be a must-try for the visitor. Considered to be an iconic Malaysian dish, nasi lemak consists of fragrant rice boiled in coconut milk and combined with crispy anchovies, roasted peanuts and boiled eggs; however, the vital element would be the distinctive sweet and spicy sambal that is included. You will find that this dish also goes well with fried chicken. Visitors to Malaysia can try nasi lemak at Malay restaurants, street-side stalls and kopitiams (traditional coffee shops).



Another well-known street food in Malaysia would be satay. This relatively simple dish is made by thoroughly grilling seasoned meat on bamboo skewers over a fire. You will encounter several variations of this dish, including meats such as mutton, chicken and beef. After this delicious treat has been prepared, it is served along with a peanut sauce featuring sweet as well as spicy flavours. This succulent dish will appeal to anyone with a taste for grilled meats.


Char kway teow

Char kway teow happens to be a classic Malaysian dish of rice noodles that you should undoubtedly sample during your trip. You will find that this dish provides a hearty dining experience as it features plenty of meat, chewy noodles and vegetables. In fact, this savoury dish may be said to offer unique tastes and textures. Often topped with bean sprouts and prawns, char kway teow will delight the food lover. It can readily be found at places like Jalan Alor which features a stretch of popular restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. A choice of accommodation to consider from which you could readily sample the Jalan Alor best food including char kway teow would be The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.



Your experience of the well-known Malaysian street foods would not be complete without trying rojak. You will find that the savoury variation of rojak features fried bean curd, hard-boiled eggs, sliced vegetables and other ingredients. On the other hand, the sweet variety consists mainly of vegetables and fruits. Both varieties are slathered with a thick sauce which holds the dish together.


Chicken rice

Chicken rice is a dish commonly consumed for lunch in Malaysia. Available at numerous hawker centres throughout Kuala Lumpur, this dish contains steamed chicken along with flavourful soy sauce as well as sliced cucumber providing a satisfying dining experience. If you so desire, you may order barbecued pork or roast pork belly to complement your chicken rice at the hawker stalls.


Ramly burger

The popularity of this street food is such that it is said to have even been found in New York City. Amongst the Malaysians, the Ramly burger is often enjoyed as a night-time snack; this local version of the burger may readily be found at roadside food stalls in many locations in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. At these stalls, you can get as many as ten different versions of the Ramly burger for you to choose from!

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