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Most Incredible Unsolved Crimes

A surprising list of major unsolved crimes from near and far.


Mystery of the Somerton Man

The earliest known movements of the Somerton man were during the morning of November 30, 1948, when he lodged a suitcase in the cloakroom of the Adelaide Railway Station.

The D.B. Cooper hijacking

The unsolved hijacking of Northwest Flight 305 on Thanksgiving eve 1971 spawned scores of books, TV shows, movies and songs. Here's the Minneapolis Tribune's Page 1A account of the press conference held at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport two days after the well-mannered hijacker jumped off the jet's rear stairway, presumably wearing a parachute and carrying a bag holding $200,000 in cash.

The Tylenol Killer

As the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Tylenol murders approaches, a task force established in 2007 continues to investigate the poisonings. The task force, which is headed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), includes investigators from the Illinois State Police (ISP) and the Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Lombard, and Schaumburg Police Departments, with the assistance of the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

JonBenet Ramsey Murder

The first images of JonBenet Ramsey that were broadcast to the world showed a pretty little girl in heavy make-up and flamboyant costumes parading across a stage. At the time, the media described her as "a painted baby, a sexualized toddler beauty queen."

The Cleveland Torso Murders

The similarities in dismemberment, which were carried out with surgical precision, led investigating policemen to surmise that the murders were committed by a single person with significant knowledge of anatomy. Police Lt. Peter Merylo, who worked on the case for 6 years, characterized the killer as coldly efficient and as relentless as an executioner when in the mood to kill.

Serial Killings in Ciudad Juarez

In the past few years there has been a shocking increase in the violence in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez. Many innocent men, women and children have been senselessly murdered, caught up in the cross-border trafficking of drugs, sex, guns and human beings.

Jill Dando murder case

After spending nearly £600,000 on a forensic review of the evidence, police have uncovered no new leads and are moving resources elsewhere Former Crimewatch host Nick Ross expects the file on the murder of colleague Jill Dando to never fully close while her killer is still roaming the streets.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist

On the night of March 18, 1990, a pair of thieves disguised as Boston police officers entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and roamed the Museum's galleries, stealing thirteen works of art. What Happened? They gained entry into the Museum by posing as Boston police officers and stating that they were responding to a call.

The Atlas Vampire Case

In 1932 in Stockholm, Sweden a 32 year old prostitute was murdered by a crushing blow to the skull. Upon investigating, it was noted in the case file that it appeared that someone had been drinking her blood. Her corpse was discovered some two days after her murder.

Circleville Letters - The Unknown Writer and Murderer

Circleville is a small city in Ohio with a population of 13,000. Sometime in 1976, residents started receiving personal mysterious letters about their lives. Letters were written in block letters and they could be sent to anyone. There was not a specific target group of recipients.

Gilgo Beach Killer

Many were prostitutes and likely never reported missing at all, like the woman Nassau detectives call “Peaches,” whose mutilated torso, with a peach tattoo on her left breast, was stuffed in a green Rubber Maid container found by a father and son hiking in Hempstead Lake State Park in the summer of 1997; or the women whose mutilated torsos were discovered in the Manorville Pine Barrens in 2000 and 2003, one of them with what once was an angel wing tattoo on her hip, now barely recognizable under dozens of jagged razor blade cuts left by her killer in a crude attempt to conceal her identity. These were all cold cases. Then Megan Waterman disappeared.