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A selection of personal favourites from Alfred Hitchcock...

ROPE (1948)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Arthur Laurents and Hume Cronyn.
Based on the play by Patrick Hamilton.
Starring James Stewart, John Dall, Farley Granger and Joan Chandler.

Dillusional megalomaniac Brandon Shaw is convinced that he is intelligent enough to commit the perfect murder and convinces his best friend, Phillip Morgan, to assist in the murder of one of their classmates, David Kentley. To further flaunt his brilliance and superiority, Brandon organises a party in their apartment, where they are storing the dead body, without any of the guests being aware of their devious act. But there is one person that they have underestimated.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder.
Based on the story by Ethel Lina White.
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas and Dame May Whitty.

Iris Henderson boards a train bound for England, where she strikes up a conversation with a sweet old lady called Miss Froy. When she awakens some time later, Iris is unable to find her new friend and begins to search the train, yet she is told that she has been alone the entire time. Convinced that she did not imagine Froy, she seeks the assistance of Gilbert, a charming young musicologist who is unsure what version of the story to believe.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Jo Swerling.
Based on the story by John Steinbeck.
Starring Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, Walter Slezak, Mary Anderson, John Hodiak and Henry Hull.

After their ship has been sunken by a U-boat in the North Atlantic, a group of survivors manage to find refuge in a lifeboat and are left drifting aimlessly across the waters. After rescuing a German from drowing, the group begin to turn on each other as they fight desperately for survival, while deciding the fate of their prisoner.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by John Michael Hayes.
Based on the story by Cornell Woolrich.
Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter and Raymond Burr.

Confined to a wheelchair after breaking a leg in an accident, photographer Jeff Jefferies spends his days looking out of his windows, watching the lives of his neighbours. His only company is his beautiful girlfriend Lisa Fremont, nurse Stella and detective Tom Doyle. But soon the boredom turns to obsession when he becomes convinced that the man in the apartment opposite has murdered his wife.

PSYCHO (1960)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Joseph Stefano.
Based on the story by Robert Bloch.
Starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin and Martin Balsam.

After stealing $40,000 from a client of her employer, Marion Crane leaves town and sets out to meet up with her lover, Sam Loomis. But the journey soon wears her down and she decides to spend the night in the out-of-the-way Bates Motel. After sharing supper with the young owner, Norman Bates, Marion retires for the evening but is brutally murdered while taking a shower. Discovering the body and convinced that his jealous mother was responsible, Norman cleans up the evidence and disposes of the corpse and money in a nearby swamp. But soon Sam and Marion's sister, Lila, begin to suspect foul play.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Ernest Lehman.
Starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Jessie Royce Landis, Leo G. Carroll, Josephine Hutchinson, Philip Ober, Martin Landau, Adam Williams, Edward Platt, Robert Ellenstein, Les Tremayne and Philip Coolidge.

After a case of mistaken identity causes him to be mistaken for the elusive George Kaplan, advertising executive Roger Thornhill is abducted by employees of the ruthless Phillip Vandamm and then forced to drink spirits before crashing his car. With the police believing him to be a drunk driver, Roger is unable to convince anyone that he had been kidnapped, and soon he is searching for the real Kaplan as Vandamm's men try to silence him for good.

THE 39 STEPS (1935)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Charles Bennett and Ian Hay.
Based on the story by John Buchan.
Starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Lucie Mannheim and Godfrey Tearle.

After meeting beautiful spy Anabella Smith during a presentation at a music hall, Richard Hannay takes her back to his home where he feels she may be safe, but in the night she is murdered nd he finds himself the prime suspect. With both the police and agents pursuing him, he soon finds himself handcuffed to a young woman called Pamela and the two are foced to run for their lives before men on both sides of the law find them.

FRENZY (1972)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Anthony Shaffer.
Based on the story Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square by Arthur La Berny.
Starring Jon Finch, Alec McCowen and Barry Foster.

When Richard Blaney becomes the suspect in a recent series of brutal rapes and murders on young women in London he seeks the help of his close friend Robert Rusk, the man who is in fact responsible for the crimewave. Yet despite the evidence indicating Richard, Chief Inspector Oxford starts to suspect there may be more to the case than meets the eye.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Eliot Stannard.
Based on the story by Marie Belloc Lowndes.
Starring Arthur Chesney, Marie Ault, Malcolm Keen and Ivor Novello.

A killer dubbed by the press as the Avenger is murdering beautiful women in London and the city now lives in fear. When a mysterious young man arrives at the door of Mrs. Bunting, enquiring about the spare room, she begins to suspect that he may be the killer that everyone has been looking for. But events take a more complicated turn when the tenant strikes up a friendship with her daughter, Daisy.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Written by Brian Moore.
Starring Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, Lila Kedrova, Hansjörg Felmy, Tamara Toumanova, Wolfgang Kieling, Ludwig Donath, Günter Strack, David Opatoshu, Gisela Fischer, Mort Mills as Farmer and Carolyn Conwell.

Sarah Sherman, while on a ship bound for Copenhagen, begins to suspect that her partner, brilliant physicist Michael Armstrong, has ulterior motives. Once they arrive at their destination he makes his way unannounced to East Berlin, with Sarah following discretely, believing that he has defected. But as she begins to investigate further, she realises that Michael is in over his head and that both of their lives are in danger.