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Intranet Headlines That Work

10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work

So, you're seeing too many of those " how to" and list headlines, and want to try a few different angles? Let's move beyond those common headline formulas you see over and over, and add some new blood to your attention-grabbing arsenal. 1. Who Else Wants [blank]?

10 Example Headline Formulas That Go Viral

Right now blogger extraordinaire Chris Garrett is saying "Content is the currency of social media." Well content is the currency of any online media, especially blogs and websites. Earlier I wrote about the importance of making your first sentence a short one to get people to start reading your content.

101 Headline Formulas that Capture Attention

The headline is the most important part of any text. It will either keep people reading what you have to say, or send them away. How many headlines do you read during a day? Twitter, Facebook, email, magazines, etc. Altogether 100? Maybe more? And how many of those make you read more?

Headline Formulas That Convert | 7 Examples

My wife thinks I am weird. More on this in a second. First, understand that the Internet hasn't changed everything. The headlines that David Ogilvy and other legendary copywriters wrote for print ads and direct mail in the 1950′s are found in 21st century Twitter and RSS feeds.

Proven Headline Formulas | Steal These Formulas For Your Next Blog Post or Landing Page

Sure, writing great copy is an art. But there is science to it as well. There are proven formulas to writing copy. It can take years of practice to be able to choose the perfect word, craft a compelling call to action, and deliver on your audience's expectations.

7 Proven Headline Formulas That Capture Your Reader's Attention

Posted in Blogging, Website Building Tips on December 20, 2011 According to most estimates, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the visitors who stumble across your website before they make that vital decision of whether to stay and investigate more of your content or click the back button on their browser windows and explore other options.

Bring passion to your intranet!

Corporate intranets are generally serious affairs, and are the product of ‘right brain’ thinking. Stripped of any emotion, passion or engagement, most sites focus entirely on being useful but dull.