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Updated by Technical Vinay on Oct 17, 2021
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Social Media & Apps

In this category you can find social media and Apps related blogs.

The New Facebook Update: Messenger Rooms

New Facebook Update Messenger Room is brought by Facebook in July 2020. A feature that allows you to communicate with friends via video conferencing.

What is Facebook Page – Create, Optimize and Earn

Facebook page was launched by the Facebook Company in 2004. Page has been created for the purpose of making business dreams come true.

How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business means business in the Social Media platform. Instagram is the best platform for your business to reach people.

How to Secure My Facebook Account in 2021

Here I will tell you how to secure Facebook account in 2021. Here you will be find 8 steps of secure your Facebook account.

How to Use Canva App - Make Best Photo and Video for Social Media

Canva App is the best way to create photos and videos for social media without the help of anyone. Canva App is best for Social Media. Canva App makes easily pics or video for social media.

With this app, you can now easily become a poster and video maker without the help of anyone. In this app person can easily create graphic design, photo making, logo, poster and video.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Here's how to make money on YouTube and what important steps you need to keep in mind. Here are some things to keep in mind when making a video.

The most popular and trusted digital platform in the whole world is YouTube. YouTube has 2 billion + users worldwide. 80% of Internet users have a YouTube account. 75 out of 100 marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective marketing platform.

What is WhatsApp Business App - How to Increase Business in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business App is a free for android and iOS users. This application designed with small traders in mind.

Big merchants can do business by creating eCommerce websites, taking facility of payment gateways and keeping people.

But this is not possible for small businesses, to the WhatsApp Business app is developed by Facebook.

7 Best Ways How to Make Money from Instagram - Technical Vinay

Instagram is not just photo and video sharing App. You will earn money from this App and here I will tell you 7 best ways to make money from Instagram.

12 Proven and Effective Ways to Make Money from Facebook

You can also earn Money from Facebook and in this post I have mentioned 12 proven and effective ways to Make Money from Facebook.

What is The Telegram Messenger App and Why It's Popular

In this post you will know what is Telegram Messenger App and what are the features of Telegram App. Also you will know its history and why it's so popular.

What is Swagbucks and How to Make Money from It - Technical Vinay

In this post I will tell you about What is Swagbucks and how to make money from it. Here you can earn money by completing different surveys and viewing ads.

How to Make Money from Telegram - Technical Vinay

Do you know that you can also make money from Telegram? If you do not know about this topic, then this post will be full of information for you.

What is Wombo Ai App

Here I have told about Wombo Ai App, which is used to make any photo speaking video. You can also make funny videos using this app and give entertainment.

What is PixelLab App and How to Use It - Technical Vinay

In this post, you will know what is PixelLab app, and with this app, you can create cool pictures for your Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

What is the Koo App - You can use this instead of Twitter - Technical Vinay

Koo app is Indian app and in this post you will get the details of Koo. You can use this instead of Twitter and Koo is going to be very popular in the coming time.