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Updated by Proximity Costa Rica on May 24, 2021
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5 Reasons to use ReactJS

The JavaScript tool built by Facebook engineers to test something ended up being one of the most useful and important JavaScript library for web UI designs. ReactJs is a component based efficient tool that is changing the future of web design and development.


High – Efficiency

The superfast rendering of webpages with very little amount of code has throttled the internet world with the optimized loading of web pages. The dynamicity offered by ReactJs has surpassed the basic HTML loading speed.


Virtual DOM

Apart from the primary HTML DOM, the ReactJs possess or creates a new virtual DOM. Every time a change is made the render() function is called. This render function keeps updating the Virtual DOM after every change. After updating it checks the Virtual DOM with the HTML DOM and finds the difference. After that, the HTML DOM loads only the additional content.

This is a smart way to avoid rendering the whole HTML DOM for every small change. Most of the websites are making use of Virtual DOM.


Easy to Understand& Code

Apart from the comfortable and user-friendly JavaScript documentation of JS. React JS has JSX created in depth to support and assist with typing code. The flexibility and highly understandable documentation of ReactJS is a big plus in case of development.



The most prominent disadvantage we know for sites running JavaScript is the XSS Vulnerability. Allowing the webpage to execute malicious content will affect the safety factor and compromise the computer.

ReactJS doesn’t allow manual concatenation of string thus block almost 90% of the common XSS vulnerabilities. It is generally safer than regular JS libraries.


Cross Platform Support

The special library called React Native which enables the application built with it to work on all the native devices. Android, iOS applications can also be built with ReactJS. The extension ability and creates room to learn cross-platform development.

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