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Updated by Wendy J on Jun 07, 2021
Headline for Dry-Aged Steak: Why Salt-Aging Beef is Making a Comeback
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Dry-Aged Steak: Why Salt-Aging Beef is Making a Comeback

Why is dry-aged steak (aka salt-aged beef) making a comeback? Learn the intricacies of preserving beef using Himalayan salt, and why this is now trending! Learn more about this amazing manner of preserving meat!


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Have you ever wondered why the steak at a great steakhouse can taste so much better and more tender than the steaks you pull off your backyard grill? Or why they cost so much more?

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Aging meat is a form of culinary art. This film by George Motz dives into the mystery of food science and teaches how the professionals dry age beef. Aged beef, a process typically involving whole muscle beef cuts, yields intense flavor. As a result, each steak is incredibly tasty and rich.

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Dry-aging is an old and natural process. However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of demand from steak-lovers who want to experience the ultimate steak and understand that dry-aged steaks give them that opportunity by greatly enhancing the flavor and tenderness of beef.

These Acclaimed Steakhouses Are Selling Their Coveted Dry-Aged Beef to Cook at Your Home

Georgia James, Gwen, Knife, Cote and more are taking advantage of their dry aging rooms to become butcher shops in the midst of Covid-19.

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There’s lots of questions surrounding dry aging in the home setting, and I’m gonna answer all of them here for you. On a weekly basis, particularly leading up to the Holiday prime rib season, I was getting emails from folks who weren’t even exactly sure what dry aging was, asking if they should do it to their roasts.