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Business VoIP Providers Australia - iVoice

iVoice is one of Australia's market leaders in providing feature rich VoIP business phone and hosted PBX solutions.

Can VoIP be hacked? - iVoice

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables businesses to connect and collaborate with their employees, associates, and customers in an easier, more convenient, and less expensive way compared to traditional phone services.

Future Proofing - iVoice

It is always fascinating to hear the ideas presented by futurists. A recent SMH article seems to present the typical picture of computers being either worn or implanted on our heads, geeks love this kind of stuff.

NBN, Blessing or Curse? - iVoice

Who knows the when, what or how much of the NBN?  I have to admit that when clients raise the topic, my preference is to avoid the subject just in case it leads to an awkward political discussion.  But whatever shape you think the NBN will take, one thing is for certain, blistering speed will eventually be democratised.

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The porting of numbers allows a business great flexibility when it comes to seeking out superior telecommunications services. Without porting many businesses would simply be unable to consider alternate suppliers because there is too much invested in the numbers which you have publicised. This is good news for all, well kinda.

Telecommuting, will it happen? - iVoice

The following article reports on the government’s desire to see an increase in telecommuting within our corporate culture.

Organising Y - iVoice

Having worked for Baby Boomers throughout my working life I’ve heard just about all the possible complaints regarding us GenXers. We may be greedy, spoilt and lacking in loyalty, but when it comes to the workplace environment, we’re not that fussy.

How will we organise, and will ‘’the tail always wag the dog’’? - iVoice

A progressive business is always trying to look around the next corner, attempting to prepare itself for what demands and opportunities are coming. ‘Crystal balling’ over what will be the effect of the NBN, Environmentalism, the influence of the next generation of employees, the rise of outsourcing, decentralisation etc… can be a stressful exercise to say the least. What business leaders are inevitably faced with is a question mark over their organisation’s ability to adapt.

Good to Great, really? - iVoice

Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” is without doubt the most widely respected management and organisational book of the last 20 years. Phrases like “Level Five Leadership”, “Hedgehog Concept”, “Stockdale Paradox”, “Whose on the Bus?” etc.. all now frequent board and management meetings. And what is not to love, the book gave managers pragmatic tools that were supported by research results that were empirical and watertight.

It's all in the Cloud, now pass the Kool Aid - iVoice

Some years back I started up at a new company. The product was great, the management was the most capable I had seen and the prospects were altogether exciting. I was surprised however that after a week at the company I still hadn’t had any product training. All training to that point had been on using the CRM Salesforce. It turned out these guys absolutely lived out of Salesforce which of course is now the world’s most ubiquitous CRM.

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VoIP technology already enjoys widespread adoption in many industries all over the world with many moving their processes and systems into the cloud at a fast rate as its capability of providing a platform for innovation, as well as its potential to improve the efficiency of business processes becomes an important source of competitive advantage.

Developing Digital Competency to Make One's Business Competitive in 2019

Make readers realise the role of cloud VoIP in companies’ digital competencies

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The modern telephone is a far cry from when it was invented in the 1800s. Modern technology has drastically improved it over the years like so many other things, increasing its capabilities, mobility, and functions.

Customers with either no choice or no clue - iVoice

As the writer from a recent SMH article articulates, there is a level playing field on the telco horizon. But as the writer suggests the big telco in Australia will give the choiceless and clueless one last try at a dud contract.

Startup Communications: Is cloud PBX the perfect way?

Provide important tips to readers about VoIP and cloud PBX solutions to establish iVoice’s reputation in the industry

Impact of Cloud PBX in Your Business Efficiency

Provide important tips to readers about VoIP and cloud PBX solutions to establish iVoice’s reputation in the industry