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Man in taiwan was seen queuing at a store with a shoe on his face - Oddly Interesting

In a video that recently went viral, a 20-year-old Taiwanese man was seen queuing at a store with a shoe on his face instead of a face mask. According to Hong Kong news site Bastille Post, it was believed that the man might have probably forgotten to wear a mask so used his shoe instead as an alternative.

Elephant Rescue In India Ends With A ‘High-Five’, Amazing! - Oddly Interesting

Footage from India has highlighted the complicated relationship between animals and human beings, showing how there is more to ‘adorable’ viral moments than initially meets the eye.

Stunning footage of orca leaping 15 feet out of water while hunting dolphins - Oddly Interesting

Some boaters were left stunned after witnessing an orca’s extraordinary leap 15-feet out of the water during a dolphin hunt in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

Photographer Captures Epic Action Scenes Using Toys, Stunning! - Oddly Interesting

If you think that toys are just for kids, meet Jared Middleton, who will change your opinion and make playing with toys seem badass. Middleton, known as Sirdork to his 68.2k Instagram followers, is a toy photographer who brings popular action figures to life in cinematic miniature scenes. The New York-based artist uses any elements the Earth provides us with, like water, dirt, or snow, unexpected things you can find at home, and even fire and explosives to create awesome practical effects in his photos that look just like screencaps from a movie and make lifeless figures appear full of life.

Super Cute Giant Otter Thought To Be Extinct Spotted In Argentina - Oddly Interesting

The wild giant river otter was observed at the Bermejo River in El Impenetrable National Park, located in the north-east Argentinian province of Chaco.

John Cena Apologises For Comments About Taiwan After Being Slammed By China - Oddly Interesting

The 44-year-old actor and WWE star ended up angering China after describing Taiwan as a country during a promotional vid for the upcoming Fast and Furious 9 movie.

Russia Threatens To Slow Down Google Over ‘Unlawful Content’ - Oddly Interesting

Russia’s media watchdog has threatened to slow down the speed of Google in the country over ‘unlawful content’ posted on YouTube. 

Texas Approves Bill Allowing Residents To Carry Handguns Without A Licence - Oddly Interesting

Many have been concerned about firearms policies in the US after the alarming amount of mass shootings in the US this year; last weekend saw nearly 30 people shot in New York City alone.

Australian Lawyer Asked By Government If His ‘Amputation Is Permanent’ - Oddly Interesting

In Australia, the government offers the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which can provide full funding for any ‘reasonable and necessary’ needs of someone with a ‘permanent and significant’ disability under the age of 65 – at least, that’s how it’s meant to work on paper.

Lizard blood may treat cancer claim Thai researcher - Oddly Interesting

Jitkamol Thanasak of Mahidol University’s Veterinary Science Faculty said yesterday he has been studying monitor lizards provided by wildlife officials to see if proteins in the animal’s blood can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, bacteria and viruses, which could, in theory, help with suppressive therapeutics for COVID-19.

41 Things That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time - Oddly Interesting

Some things in this world need time to mature. Cheese and wine, relationships, our self-esteem… But they are not what this post is about. Quite on the contrary—we will be looking at things that miserably failed the test of time and made it into full walk of shame mode.

Watch a group of bears crash pool party in Tennessee - Oddly Interesting

A pool party in Tennessee was interrupted when a group of bears decided to join in on the celebration and go for a swim.

Photographer captures breathtaking scene of a meteor lighting up the skies of Mount Merapi, Indonesia - Oddly Interes...

One of the most breathtaking and surreal scenes was caught on camera in Jogjakarta, Indonesia as its night sky lights up when a meteor suddenly enters the atmosphere and crashes into the Mount Merapi volcano there. Making its rounds in social media, a video of the majestic meteor was shared by a twitter page yesterday.

Time Traveller From 2582 Says Astronauts Will Discover ‘Earth Clone’ This Weekend - Oddly Interesting

A TikToker claiming to be a time traveller from 2582 has claimed that astronauts are set to discover an ‘Earth clone’ this weekend.

10 Psychological Tricks To Ease Unpleasant Everyday Situations - Oddly Interesting

Psychology is a great discipline all around. Even if you don’t plan on being a psychologist, you’re bound to partake in this thing called socializing, so knowing how to properly talk to people, read their body language or to just know how to properly present yourself and make a good impression is always a nice thing.

“Unethical Life Hacks For Terrible People” - Oddly Interesting

We all know what a life hack is—a brilliant, yet simple solution to those painfully irritating dilemmas that feel like a pain in the rear.

Men Decided To Try Out The Double Mustache Beard Trend And Got Ridiculous Results - Oddly Interesting

Oh, dear Lord, they’re at it again! Just when you thought that beard trends couldn’t get weirder (the ‘monkey tail’ beard fad still haunts me in my dreams sometimes), you find this doozy—the double mustache that’s been popping up here and there on the internet. It’s so weird. Obviously, having just one fabulous mustache isn’t enough for some men—so they opt for two. I’m not sure if Ron Swanson would be proud or disappointed.

OnlyFans model left red-faced after neighbor interrupts while filming - Oddly Interesting

OnlyFans model Railey Diesel was left red-faced after her neighbour had to knock on her door to tell her about the antics that could be heard coming from her home.

White Influencer Criticised For Getting Surgery To ‘Look Korean’ - Oddly Interesting

A white influencer has faced backlash on social media for claiming to ‘identify as Korean,’ after getting several surgeries to look more like their favourite member of BTS.

Dog in Vietnam is the 'cashier' of this eatery - Oddly Interesting

Recently, a dog in Vietnam has taken the Internet by storm for how cute he is, and of course, and how efficient the dog is at its job!

Useful Pet Care Tips From This Vet With 1.9M Followers - Oddly Interesting

We all want what’s best for our furry friends. But what if, by trying our best, we may unintentionally do more harm than good? Think of all the overpriced and delicious-looking snacks you get for your bamboozler at a local pet store, the sea of pet toys you shower them with just because you love ‘em to the moon and back… and you wonder what’s up with your bank balance!

Another Disney World parkgoer gets "Free T-shirt" for breaking dress code - Oddly Interesting

Another Disney World parkgoer is getting attention on TikTok after breaking Disney World’s dress code and getting a free shirt.