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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Essential Things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka's Culture Capital - Explore and experience nativity

Kandy is a beautiful town located amidst the hills in the central part of Sri Lanka, and here are some of the best things you must do when you are there.


Take a look at the Ceylon Tea Museum

Sri Lanka is best known around the world for being one of the major exporters of tea. When you are in Kandy, it is a great chance for you to visit the Tea Museum and take a look at how the place came to be what it is today. The museum covers the history of how it all began and the factory right next to it is about five kilometres away. If you are staying at a resort in Kandy the likes of Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy. The trip would probably take you about half a day.


Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

No trip to Kandy is complete without you visiting one of the most prominent religious places for all Buddhists in Sri Lanka. You will come across this place when you are walking around the Kandy Lake area and will definitely want to step inside and take a look at it even if you had not planned it. Located right opposite the Queens hotel at the major Junction in Kandy, this Temple is one of the holiest places for Buddhists. When visiting the city if there is a full moon falling during your vacation make sure you time your visit to the temple and go to the temple on the day of the full moon or a day before it. If you visit this Temple right on the full moon day, you will be able to take a look at all the special rituals and festivals that happen in Sri Lanka every month. A full moon day is an extremely religious and holy day for the people of the country.


The Empire Cafe

If it is your first time in Kandy you might not have heard of the Empire Cafe. But if you ask around this will definitely pop up as a suggestion as one of the best places to eat when in Kandy. It is an extremely eccentric little place that has recently gotten a modern upgrade.


The National Museum in Kandy

There are some travellers who like to know about the history and culture of a place they are travelling to and if you are that type of person then you definitely must visit the museum in Kandy. The history of the life of the people of Sri Lanka that existed before the place was colonised is found here. The museum has four temples and two temples within itself and makes for a great place to explore during a free evening in the city.


The Kandy Lake

Just like Gregory Lake is popular in the sister town of Nuwara Eliya, Kandy has this lake! Located right in the middle of Kandy town, this Lake plays a huge part in the history of the city. This lake is not natural and was man-made. The place also has a kind of dark past because an old King of Sri Lanka drowned a family in this lake as a punishment for treason.