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The Best Sales and Marketing Roles

Here are some great articles on working in different sectors in Sales and Marketing


A Career in Beauty Sales

A Career in Beauty Sales

Could you work in beauty sales?

Beauty is one of those sectors which is a mystery to many but incredibly sought-after by those in the know. If you’re passionate about all things beauty, a career in beauty sales could be your calling. While beauty sales jobs aren’t always easy to get, they pose a unique opportunity for fashionistas to work in an industry they love.

What sales jobs in beauty are available?

Sales jobs in beauty vary from entry-level roles as sales representatives right up to middle and senior management positions. While entry-level positions might not require much in the way of experience, candidates will still be expected to be able to demonstrate knowledge of and an enthusiasm for beauty products. This competitive sector doesn’t struggle to attract candidates, so any extra detail that can make your application stand out will help.

Gaining experience in beauty – whether that means working in make-up at a department store or even previous experience in salons – is the best way to demonstrate your specialism in this field. The more time you spend in beauty sales, the more chance you have of rising through the ranks to higher positions. At the very top level, beauty sales can lead to positions such as regional and national account managers.

What background do you need for sales jobs in beauty?

There are no strict requirements for beauty sales roles, though for some employers a degree or equivalent qualification will always be an extra plus on an application form. Beauty qualifications can also help to make your application stand out, but the main factor for candidates wishing to break into beauty sales jobs will always be experience.

Experience in beauty can come from a wide range of settings, including experience working in hair and makeup salons as well as experience in beauty retail. Demonstrating a personal enthusiasm for all things beauty will also go a long way, since enthusiasm for the products you sell is always a number one priority in sales jobs.

Could you excel in sales jobs in beauty?

It does take a particular person to be great at beauty sales. Not only do you need to be passionate and knowledgeable about beauty, but you have to be capable of bringing out the joy in your products and making your customers feel good about themselves. If you’re thinking of applying for jobs in beauty sales, you should be:

– Confident, outgoing, and friendly
– Motivated to work hard and reach targets
– Passionate about beauty, hair, and makeup
– Great at communicating, both in writing and verbally
– Able to organise yourself and manage a busy schedule

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. Beauty sales could be the perfect career for you; the next step is looking for roles and applying for them.

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Software sales jobs

If you’re a whizz with computers but you don’t want to be stuck working in an office all day, a career in software sales could be for you. Software sales offers a dynamic, versatile career to outgoing individuals with technical knowledge and experience in IT or computers. If you’re looking for a career that will be challenging, interesting, and rewarding, browse software sales jobs today.

What do software sales jobs entail?

Software sales jobs are varied, including both B2B and B2C roles. Entry-level positions will include telesales roles and sales executive positions, requiring representatives to have good product knowledge of the software they’re trying to sell, which means having a strong understanding of the technical aspects of the product.

As professionals rise through the ranks, roles in middle and senior management will open up, as well as roles such as Head of Sales and even business development roles. Tech is an ever-growing industry across the world, which means there are plenty of software companies clamouring to solidify their place in a busy market. There’s plenty of room to grow in software sales careers, as well as moving onto other companies with greater potential if you feel you’ve outgrown a particular role.

Do you have what it takes to work in software sales?

Software sales jobs aren’t for just anyone. If you’re not the most technically-minded person, you might want to look at sales roles in another sector. Software sales is a great choice for candidates with a background in IT or computers; whether you’re a computer science graduate or you’ve spent a few years working in IT, proof that you know your way around an operating system is a great start for a burgeoning career in software sales.

As is the case with other sales roles, it also takes a certain kind of person to excel in software sales jobs. If you’re motivated, outgoing, and have great communication skills, you might have what it takes to do well in this career path. You don’t necessarily need a degree to work in software sales, though a technical background or qualifications in something IT-related will help to make your application stand out amongst the crowd.

How much do software sales jobs pay?

Because of the technical knowledge required to excel in software sales, salaries in this sector are quite high, with sales reps making as much as £30,000 and higher salaries of £60,000 available for managerial roles and above. On top of this, most roles in software sales will come with perks including pensions, bonuses, and commission based on performance, as well as plenty of opportunities for career growth, especially at successful and growing tech companies.

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FMCG Sales Careers

FMCG Sales Careers

FMCG, also known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, includes everything from low-cost everyday items like toiletries to high-cost electronics. Working in FMCG sales is a varied and exciting career which includes roles across the spectrum of sales, from sales reps to directors and even business development specialists.

What positions are available in FMCG sales?

Most sales professionals starting out in FMCG sales roles will begin as sales representatives or sales executives. In these roles, you will be responsible for finding new customers and making sales. This can take place in person or over the phone. You also might have an opportunity at this point to specialise in a particular area of FMCG, and it’s a good idea to focus on products you’re enthusiastic about where possible.

As you climb through the ranks, your responsibilities will grow. Sales managers will be in charge of tracking sales trends and performance data across their team, while sales directors may supervise regional sales managers and work to improve international sales and overall business growth. Ensuring that you know your sector well is crucial to landing promotions and working your way up to managerial or higher roles in FMCG sales.

What are FMCG sales salaries like?

The salary range in FMCG sales is quite wide; it’s a profitable sector, which means salaries for senior managers and directors can be comparatively very good. However, the number of jobs available at lower levels in FMCG sales often mean that starting salaries can be quite basic.

Basic starting salaries in FMCG sales could be in the region of £15,000 to £20,000, and this can rise up to as high as £40,000 with growing experience. Salary will rise both with experience and higher levels of responsibility, topping out upwards of £100,000 for sales director roles in the sector. Depending on the role, some of these salaries may benefit from additional commission.

Why work in FMCG sales?

FMCG can be an attractive sector to work in, especially because of the variety of products sold. Sales professionals with a particular interest or enthusiasm for cosmetics, beauty, technology, or other branches of FMCG can specialise in products they’re passionate about without usually needing further qualifications or expertise, as is often the case in more niche sales fields like pharma sales.

It’s easy to climb through the ranks in FMCG sales without having any particular qualifications, though to begin your career in sales you might need some preliminary qualifications such as GCSEs in English and Maths, and sales qualifications will always help. Generally speaking, experience and results will go far in FMCG sales, which is why it’s the perfect career path for professionals looking for a career which offers rewards based on merit.

Is a career in FMCG sales for you?

If you’re a hardworking, motivated, and confident professional with good people skills and an enthusiasm for any branch of FMCG, this could be the perfect career for you. There’s a reasonable amount of competition for roles, especially in higher positions, so it’s crucial that you can make yourself stand out from the crowd with superior product knowledge and an excellent sales record to excel in this industry.

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Working in Telesales

Working in Telesales

Is there room for progression in telesales?

Telesales is often where many sales professionals get their first foot on the ladder: there are always lots of sales jobs in telesales available, and they usually have little in the way of entry requirements, making them the perfect starting position for candidates just beginning their career in sales.

Why consider working in telesales?

Telesales jobs aren’t too hard to come by, and they offer a great opportunity for candidates looking for sales experience in a busy, professional environment. Telesales positions usually offer regular hours and can be done from the office or sometimes even from home, which makes them a convenient choice for candidates who don’t feel able or ready to travel or work long hours. They are also the perfect opportunity to build up valuable sales experience.

Starting salaries for basic positions in telesales can vary from around £16,000 to £25,000, with room for pay rises and commission. This is on the lower side compared to more specialised sales roles, but for new starters and graduates lacking in experience, this is a good salary with lots of room for growth.

Can I progress in telesales?

Generally speaking, there are two paths that sales professionals can take after beginning a career in telesales. Sales jobs in telesales can be the perfect stepping stone into other branches of sales, for example in being a sales representative specialising in a particular sector such as FMCG sales or recruitment. It’s also possible to stay in telesales and rise through the ranks to positions such as call centre manager.

As a call centre manager, it will be your job to supervise telesales staff and track sales and performance across your team, as well as delivering training, organising shift patterns, and monitoring calls. Progressing to call centre manager roles is a great way to gain managerial sales experience, even for candidates keen to move into another sector eventually. Call centre manager salaries can vary widely, from around £20,000 to £60,000, with added bonuses, perks, and commission on top.

At any stage, the skills you learn and develop in telesales can be transferred successfully to other careers in sales. Telesales requires and builds upon communication skills, confidence, motivation, organisational skills, and analytical skills, all of which provide a great foundation for a career in sales and business.

Is a career in telesales right for you?

The wide variety of telesales jobs available means that telesales careers can provide a great opportunity for many different candidates. Professionals with qualifications or experience in specific fields – such as engineering, pharmacy, or finance – are well placed to embark on careers in niche industries where telesales may be the first step, while candidates without specialisation can begin their careers in telesales before finding their industry focus.

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Could e-commerce sales be right for you?

E-commerce is an emerging industry. Amazon paved the way for millions of e-commerce retailers to come, and today e-retail accounts for 14.1% of all retail sales across the globe. The sector was already predicted to reach $4.13 trillion by 2023, but this has no doubt been expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen more and more consumers choose to stay at home and shop online than ever before. If you’re considering a role in sales, e-commerce sales is a burgeoning industry and one which is set to be bigger than ever in the years ahead.


What kind of sales jobs are available in e-commerce?

E-commerce is a little different to most other branches of sales, but it bears most similarity to retail sales positions. Candidates with backgrounds in retail or digital media are ideal for e-commerce sales jobs, which combine the market and product range of the retail industry with the tech of digital services.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of e-commerce or an old hand, there are plenty of roles in this growing sector, including:

– Sales advisers. This is an entry-level, customer-facing position that involves converting leads into e-commerce customers via phone and webchat. Experience in telesales is a huge plus here.

– E-commerce executive roles. Requiring a little more experience than sales adviser roles, these sales jobs are strategy-centred, with key responsibilities including listing products online, marketing products digitally, and creating online sales campaigns.

– E-commerce managers. Managing an e-commerce team is a little different to traditional retail management, requiring the skills to manage a team of online sales staff, as well the experience to manage a successful e-commerce strategy across multiple marketplaces; an ability to understand data including web traffic and conversion rates; and an understanding of SEO and PPC as well as other digital marketing techniques.

What skills do I need for a sales role in e-commerce?

One of the biggest differences between roles in e-commerce sales and more traditional sales departments is that, while verbal communication skills are still important, written communication skills really come to the fore in e-commerce. E-commerce sales roles will often involve communicating with customers via online mediums including webchat, as well as optimising online content (such as product listings) and creating digital marketing campaigns.

If you think you’ve got the skills to sell – so you’re motivated, organised, knowledgeable, and confident – but you’re happier in front of a computer than you are on the phone, then e-commerce sales might just be for you.

What other sales jobs could I do?

If you’re interested in e-commerce, the chances are you could excel in retail sales too. Both industries offer the same level of diversity and involve selling consumer goods – it’s just that one happens mostly online, and the other mostly offline.

Digital marketing positions are also a natural consideration for candidates interested in e-commerce, with these roles heavily connected to e-commerce sales positions but more focused on marketing and less on sales.

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How to enter sales as a graduate

How to enter sales as a graduate

Graduating from university is a simultaneously joyous and daunting milestone for young adults. Exams may have finished, but the hard work is far from over; the next step is finding roles and applying for graduate jobs. While some graduates have it all figured out, many have no idea which career is for them right up until graduation day and beyond.

Sales is a sector which offers dynamic and fulfilling careers to the right graduates. A career in sales isn’t for everyone, but graduates who are sharp, motivated, and organised can excel in a range of sales jobs in almost any industry. Working in sales can be either a rewarding career for the long term or a great way to get a foot in the door in your chosen industry.

Do you have what it takes for graduate sales?

There are no specific requirements for a graduate career in sales, and candidates come from a wide range of degree backgrounds including both arts and sciences. While some sales graduate schemes may require that candidates hold a 2.1 degree, this isn’t always the case.

A range of personalities can become successful in graduate sales jobs, though it’s true that sales attract a certain kind of person; graduates who are results-driven will no doubt be attracted to the nature of sales. Broadly speaking, graduate marketing roles require graduates who:

– Have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
– Are confident and driven
– Can work independently and organise themselves
– Have a good working knowledge of the industry they’re applying in, or a willingness to learn

What kind of graduate sales roles are available?

The variety of roles available to graduates wishing to work in sales is huge. From account management to business development, there are a number of career paths to follow in sales, and graduates can have their pick.

Another big decision to be made is which industry you’d like to work in; choosing your industry may even have a bigger impact on your future career than the role you start in because working in one industry can often be so different to working in another. Sales graduate schemes offer an invaluable opportunity for graduates to begin a career in:

– FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), working with consumer products
– Media, in B2B roles selling advertising space in magazines and online
– Pharmaceuticals, an excellent choice for science grads keen to put their expertise to work
– IT, selling IT products and services in both B2B and B2C sales

Why should you consider a role in sales?

The sales industry rewards graduates richly, and in more ways than one. Working in sales having graduated, you’ll start higher on the pay scale and have more room for progression compared to many colleagues without degrees. Careers in sales can offer salaries not far from three figures after many years of experience, and progression through the ranks is often results-based. Many sales positions also offer other perks including annual bonuses, private healthcare membership, and generous pensions.

At Sales Roles, we look for the best sales opportunities from across the UK and match great candidates with the perfect roles. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting some of the best sales roles for graduates from around the country, so if you’re keen to explore this career option, watch this space. For more advice and guidance on beginning your career in sales, Check out (