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Headline for Coffee from around the world – This one’s for the caffeine lovers!
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Coffee from around the world – This one’s for the caffeine lovers!

Nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee to get yourself started for a long day ahead of you. Coffee enthusiasts around the world look forward to learning more about this beverage that is a common favourite – here are a few different types from around the world.


Kopi Joss

This coffee is famous in Indonesia and was invented in Yogyakarta in the 60's by a coffee stall vendor called Mr Man – who dropped hot coal in his coffee to remedy a stomach ache. The charcoal is said to neutralize the coffee's acidity while giving the drink the flavour of burnt sugar! The name "kopi joss" was named after the sizzling noise that is made when the coal is dropped into the coffee .



A rather peculiar type of coffee from Finland, but coffee nonetheless! Hot coffee is poured over chunks of cheese curds, and the people of Finland are said to adore this unique combo. This type of curd was originally made by baking reindeer milk- and absorbs liquid. The next time you're in Finland, Norway or Sweden - do try kaffeost!



Greece possesses an incredible coffee culture and this specific coffee known as Ellinikos, is served in a traditional long handles coffee copper pot known as briki. This coffee is brewed to taste strong and sweet, coming with foam on the top and grounds in the bottom of the cup, which you are not supposed to drink. In fact, the locals use the grounds at the bottom of the cup to read their fortunes! To truly immerse yourself in the Greek coffee culture, you must give yourself enough time to sit down and watch the world pass by as the people of Greece spend hours over coffee. If you cannot handle your coffee strong, you can always opt for a colder version such as the frappe.



Everyone's heard of espresso – and this is extra common in Italy! Although Italy is not necessarily in a region where coffee plantations thrive, this doesn't stop them from creating incredible coffee. Italian espressos dominate much of the country's coffee-drinking habits and there is no better place to enjoy a coffee than in an Italian café! To make your very own espresso, look up coffee machines in Sri Lanka, from the likes of Fits Retail, where you can try and bring Italian coffee to your home.
The Italian way of drinking coffee is a contrast to how the Greeks do it, they stand drinking at the bar within two minutes – there's no sipping only gulping!


Turk Kahvesi

Turkish coffee holds a special place in the world. To make Turkish coffee, you leave the incredibly fine ground beans in the brew – drinking it all completely. It is bitter but also fragrant – and some people claim this to be the truest way to enjoy coffee. When in Turkey, it is imperative that you give this coffee a try as it is an experience like no other.