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Headline for 5 Reasons Why you Should Stay at Connect@Changi - A new space for business travellers!
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5 Reasons Why you Should Stay at Connect@Changi - A new space for business travellers!

Every day, we're bombarded with news on travel restrictions. Let's face it: we won't be ready to travel for pleasure for some time. However, for economic reasons, several countries that have prohibited travel have permitted business tourism to resume.



Given its position as a global financial centre, Singapore cannot afford to close its doors to foreign visitors: So, people are allowed to enter Singapore for Business during Covid-19. Singapore is greeting business tourists with open arms and lavish hospitality. This, of course, refers to Connect@Changi, a new business hotel in Singapore. The following highlights some interesting things about this campaign.


In just 2 weeks, an exhibition hall was transformed into a 4-star business hotel

If you pay a visit to Connect@Changi, you would immediately think that it was a high-end hotel that has been around for a long time. It was, however, an exhibition hall within the Singapore Expo that was transformed to host business tourists. The Connect@Changi project, which was announced on December 15th of last year, is the first-ever of its kind. It's a place for business travellers to stay and work. Short-term business travellers will visit, work, and interact with others without having to go through quarantine.


Visitors are not permitted to leave this facility until the business stay is over

You'll be subjected to a PCR test at the Changi Airport when you arrive in Singapore. The traveller would then be ferried to Connect@Changi in a designated vehicle after going through immigration. He or she will have to wait for the results of the Covid-19 swab exam, which is normally available in 6 hours. When the person is negative for COVID, they will be free to roam around Connect@Changi. If they are positive, they will be swiftly admitted to a medical facility.


Travellers who participate in this program must complete four PCR tests in two weeks

If you've ever had a PCR swab test, you will know how unpleasant the procedure can be. If you're heading to the Connect@Changi scheme, though, you'll get swabs jammed up your nasal passage 4 times in around 2 weeks. That is if you plan on remaining at the centre for two weeks. The first examination is completed at Changi Airport. On days 3, 7, and 14, the business traveller would be required to take a PCR exam. And if you're only going to be in Singapore for a couple of days, you will still have to take another PCR test before leaving.


Guests are welcome to meet with other business people, including local clients and partners

Without a need for quarantine, business travellers would be able to hold face-to-face meetings in a private, enclosed setting. The conference rooms are divided by a glass partition implying that about half of the audience can communicate physically.


A whole range of safety measures will be implemented

Despite the Covid-19 checks, the centre will also have a number of stringent safety protocols in order to keep the virus from spreading. There will be a plethora of protocols that will avoid the need for physical contact, for example during food and meal delivery.