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Updated by Linearloop Private Limited on Jan 13, 2022
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The Ultimate List of Software Developer Blogs - Web development, Mobile app development

Our blogs are based on the evolving technologies that help you to boost your knowledge. Our experts do deep research and present quality content for you. We have also joined the initiative and start blogging. We aim to keep the world informed about the latest technological approach.
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Do you know what is the ROI of PWA (Progressive Web Application)? We have elaborated in detail. Also, know more about the technical aspect and advantages of PWA.

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Do you know how Server side rendering (SSR) useful to improve lighthouse score? Follow our researched article and offer better user-experience to the world.

React VS Angular: Which better for front end development?

Front end development company has explained a detailed analysis over React Vs Angular JS. Increase your knowledge by amazing their basic differences.

Why Next.js is a best match for startups?

Smart ideas for Start-Ups. If you are looking for why Next.JS is best match for startups, here you go. Grow your business with PWA technologies and Next.JS.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Which Cloud Platform is best for your organization?

AWS Azure and Google cloud are the leading cloud services providers, here is an in-depth comparison between the cloud computing leaders.

React Native Vs. Flutter: What should you pick to build your Mobile App?

React Native vs Flutter: Which cross-platform to choose for your business or product and a complete guide to help you clear your mind.

Best Node Js Frameworks for web apps in 2021

Node Js is one of the best back end technologies for developing web applications. Here is a list of the best node js frameworks in 2021 to give you a clear view.

An in-depth Comparison between Kafka and Message Queue

An in depth comparison between Kafka & java messaging service to give you a brief information about it.

Mobile App Design Fundamentals: Difference between UI and UX

Linearloop is one of the top UI & UX Development companies that provide great UI & UX. Design services at a great price with good results. Get in touch today!

What are the new features in MongoDB 5?

MongoDB has announced its new version MongoDB 5 that brings more productivity and flexibility. Are you looking for the new features in MongoDB 5? Check here.

How much does it cost to build a Mobile Application?

We at Linearloop are the leading mobile app development company in India & the USA, with experts in the latest app developing technologies. Click to Know More!

Linearloop is a mobile app development company that helps its clients to increase customer engagement in b2c markets with its skilful and experienced team.

Node.js vs Python: Which Backend Technology to choose in 2021?

The comparison Node.JS Vs. Python is always a great point of discussion. If you are also confused with which backend technology to choose in 2021, here you go.

Comparison Between MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL

Analysis of databases that will ease the development & empower the backend. Through the comparison between MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL, make the right choice.

What's new in React 18? | New Features of React 18

React 18 is in the alpha mode & soon it will be launched for production. Get to know about the features of React 18 and how it is different from other versions.

Next.js latest version - What’s New in Next.JS 12?

Next.js 12 is launched. Get the latest updates of new version of Next.js. Further it came with Rust compiler that offers 5 times faster build and 3 times faster Refresh.

What is NFT? How Non-Fungible Tokens Work?

Get detailed information about NFT along with examples of NFT. Linearloop, a blockchain developer in India keeps you aware about all the concepts of cryptocurrency.

MobX vs Redux: Comparison - Which performs better?

Concrete comparison of MobX and Redux is shared by considering their performance and other parameters. Get to know MobX vs Redux and analyze which performs better.

What Is Web 3.0 & Why Does It Matter?

Web 3.0 has huge potential for mankind and get to know what is Web 3.0 and why does matter. Also, know about Web 3.0 examples and the technology behind them.

What Is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work?

Blockchain is acquiring the world, & being a leading web & mobile app development company in India we keep you updated about blockchain technology and its working.

The Story of Technology Overview: Trends In 2021

Know about top trending technologies in 2021 & bring productivity to projects. Trending technologies made us a reliable software development company in India & USA.

Docker VS Kubernetes: What's The Difference?

Linearloop is one of the prominent cloud service providers in India and here will let you know about Docker VS Kubernetes. See what's the difference between them?