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12 Things you shouldn’t be doing when in Thailand – Tips for a safe Thai tour

Thailand is one of the fascinating destinations in the world. Often called the Land of Smiles, the country is welcoming to every type of traveller; however, a few customs need to be respected.


About Thailand

Thailand is a highly cultural place. People are very friendly towards travellers, and they will make you feel welcome in their country. All over the country are numerous attractions, including historical sites, temples, parks and street markets. Thailand is often described as a backpackers' destination; this is because the country has many cheap accommodation options. Choosing a hotel Khon Kaen will be difficult as you are offered a lot of choices. The country is welcoming to businesspeople too, and the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre take care of their lodging needs.



Thailand is a safe country; violent crime reports are almost non-existent. That said, you need to adhere to certain guidelines and follow certain tips to make sure that you are safe at all times.


Don't go for taxis without meters

Many taxi drivers take advantage of the unwitting tourist. You should never get into a cab that doesn't have a meter. Without a meter, the driver could ask you to pay any amount of money, so make sure that the taxi has a functioning meter.


Be careful when eating street food

Thai street food dishes are absolutely delicious and hard to resist. However, you shouldn't eat everything you find at street markets. Falling sick while touring Thailand is one of the most unfortunate things that could happen to anyone.


Don't overpay for gift items

Thai souvenirs aren't supposed to be expensive, but if the vendor knows that you are unaware of the prices, you'll be asked to pay more than you are supposed to. No souvenir should cost more than a few dollars, so if you are offered a bigger price, go to the next store.


Don't haggle over food

Haggling is common practice in Thailand, but not when it comes to food. Thai food stalls are always busy, and bargaining will not get you anywhere, and the vendor might also be insulted.


Don't purchase gems

A lot of tourists fall for this scam. On the off chance, you might be able to find genuine gemstones, but it's highly unlikely. So, do not buy gems when in Thailand.


Beware of petty crimes

While Thailand is not a country of violent crimes, there are reports of petty crimes like pickpocketing. Always keep your money safe in your bag and do not leave any money in the back pocket of your trouser.


Don't wait for the bill

When at Thai restaurants, you need to ask for the bill once you've finished your meal. The server won't bring the bill to you; they'll wait for your signal.


Don't disrespect Thai culture

Do not show any sort of disrespect towards the local culture, particularly when it comes to the Thai Royal Family. Freedom of speech is not something you see in Thailand; whatever your opinions and views are, keep them to yourself. Locals love and respect their royal family, and you are expected to do the same.


Don't wear any revealing clothes

Wearing revealing clothes can get you unwanted attention, so wear something that covers most of your body; this is a must if you plan to visit religious sites.


No public display of affection

Thailand is an Asian country, and the locals are uncomfortable seeing romantic gestures in public. So, try your best not to offend the local sensibilities.