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Updated by Joanna James on May 22, 2021
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5 fascinating temples in Hong Kong - Attractions for spiritual wisdom!

Hong Kong is a beautiful place with a lot of cultural attractions for you to take a look at and if you want to know what fascinating temples you can visit while there, read on.


Wong Tai Sin Temple

This Temple is a shrine for a monk who was a worshipper in the area and is frequently visited by pilgrims throughout the year. The people believe that by offering prayers at this Temple and to the shrine their wish will come true. This Temple is also home to the main three Chinese religions. The architecture of this structure reflects the traditional feng shui culture of the country and incorporates the five natural elements like wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. All of these aspects have been blended into the design of this Temple and is a wonder to look at. If you want to explore places like this without travelling too much, you have to stay at Causeway Bay serviced apartments that are centrally located like Hotel Purple Hong Kong.


Ching Chung Koon

This is another Buddhist temple in the area and is popularly visited by both locals and foreigners alike. It translates to the evergreen pine tree and was built in the year 1961. If you want an exquisite example of Chinese architecture and design, visiting this Temple would be a great idea. The main building of the temple is surrounded by towers, pagodas, ponds and quadrangles. The temple and the surrounding area has a very peaceful and relaxing vibe and this is a place you can sit for a few minutes or even hours and meditate if you are someone who does that.


The big Buddha monastery

This Buddhist monastery is home to a variety of Buddha statues and Chinese style buildings that are sacred to the people of the religion. After praying, you can also take a walk around the gardens which are filled with bright and colourful flowers. There is a 34 metre tall Buddha statue right opposite the building and this statue took about 12 years to complete and is the second such biggest outdoor bronze Buddha statue on Earth. You will have to take about 270 steps to visit this Buddha statue. And once you reach the top you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the city and the coastline.


Temple at Sha Tin

This Temple is about 300 years old and is listed as a great historic building in the country. This place has a prominent cultural value in the area and the place is also popular for having mythical power. The third of January is a special day for this Temple.


Man Mo Temple

This is a top-notch historic building that is found right amidst the town. It is one of the oldest such temples and was built during the colonial times of Hong Kong. This Temple is built to honour the god of literature and the God of War.