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Remedial Building Services

Remedial Building Services are specialists in implementation of building solutions, structural, flooring, concrete cancer, or passive fire rating solutions

What you need to know about Project Remediate | Blog | Remedial Building Services | Remedial Building Services

With Project Remediate the government has made it easier for affected owners and builders to access funds to get the work done . Learn more

The Ins and Outs of balcony Repair | Remedial Building Services | Remedial Building Services

Our advice to owner occupiers, building managers and strata managers is this: Keep an eye out for obvious signs of balcony disrepair.
Thing is, what do you need to look out for. In this piece we break it down.

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Regardless of whether we are talking about a large high-density residential block, a commercial tower or a warehouse, exposure to the elements, poor construction and general wear can all play contributing parts to structural and aesthetic issues with your building. The thing is, whilst a fresh coat of paint can give your structure an instant makeover, it doesn't address underlying issues which may need more prominent consideration. Indeed, the simple act of covering over problems can prompt larger, more complex issues which wind up costing more to fix.

Remedial Building Services Overview | Remedial Building Services

In our 50+ years' Remedial have evolved from flooring and concrete cancer repair specialists to provide services across insurance defects, cladding replacement and so much more

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Concrete cancer is caused when the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab begins to rust. As the steel rusts it expands, displacing the concrete around it, causing it to become brittle and crack thus accelerating the process.

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As often as not, the obvious signs of concrete cancer, and other structural issues are the tip of the iceberg. What we often find upon investigation is that the issues are all too often caused by water ingress into the concrete slab where it reacts with the reinforcing steel.

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Remedial Building Services has been Sydney’s commercial flooring specialist for over 45 years. Our extensive experience has made us experts in all aspects of commercial flooring; from investigation and problem identification, through to design, preparation and final installation of your customised flooring solution. We have provided high quality commercial flooring solutions to a range of buildings across NSW Canberra and beyond.

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The requirements of your industrial business will differ to those of any one elses, so it makes sense that the flooring solution you require be tailored to your needs. At Remedial Building Services, we have a range of flooring solutions which we adapt for purpose to ensure the highest quality finish and longest dutability possible.
All industrial flooring solutions are applied by one of our expert flooring technicians, to ensure a seamless finish making it easier to maintain, safer and more resistant to bacteria growth. Our two core solutions are Dycem flooring and Epoxy flooring surfaces.

Concrete Cancer | Remedial Building Services

Understand the range of factors contributing to concrete cancer. Learn more here.

Waterproofing Services | Remedial Building Services

Correct waterproofing technique is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring water leaks don’t occur again.

Commercial Flooring Solutions | Remedial Building Services

Learn about the sevices we offer regarding building structural issues and HBCF warranty claims. Contact us.

Industrial Flooring Solutions | Remedial Building Services

The requirements of your industrial business will be unique, so it makes sense that the flooring solution be tailored to your needs.

Main Considerations When Choosing the Best Solution for an Industrial Floor

Selecting the right building flooring solution for your industrial facility is a crucial decision because choosing the wrong one will impact workers'

White Paper - Fire Rating an Iconic | Remedial Building Services

This page contains a collection of posts and articles about the tips and tricks of structural repair and maintenance. Read more here.

The many ways Remedial can help | Remedial Building Services

This page contains a collection of posts and articles about commercial kitchen floors. Read more here.

Issues caused by Waterproofing failure | Remedial Building Services

Since 1969, our team of experts have been providing inspection and rectification services across building remediation, inclusive of waterproofing

Fire Upgrade Solutions | Remedial Building Services

Find out more about the key advantages of structural building repairs and window and door replacement. Contact us for advice.

Façade Repair Solutions | Remedial Building Services

Remedial specialises in facade repairs and the replacement of key structural elements such as arch bars and lintels. Contact us for consultation.

Intumescent Paint | Remedial Building Services

Intumescent sealant or paint is a popular passive fire protection material. It works by swelling in the event of a fire (a process known as charring)

Multipurpose Flooring Options | Remedial Building Services

With so many flooring options on offer, you may be unsure of which flooring type is the most appropriate for your building.

Remedial's Industry Accreditations and Affiliations | Remedial Building Services

Learn more qabout Remedial's Accreditations and industry affiliations and why we provide leading remedial services in Australia.

Scheduled Facilities Management - Commercial and Residential | Remedial Building Services

Scheduled Facilities Managment allows you to identify issues sooner and in doing so, mitigate ongoing costs, problems and inconveniences. Learn more

Cladding Replacement Services | Remedial Building Services

Consult our team of fire-engineering experts for assistance and help with fire rating solutions compliant with the regulations and standards of the NCC.

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Discover the signs of concrete spalling's and how our team of experts can help you with concrete repair. Call us to learn more.

How to Clean Your Resin Floor | Remedial Building Services

Resin floors are widely regarded as a long-lasting flooring system – a primary reason it is favoured in numerous applications including industrial