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5 Unforgettable Cultural Attractions in Sri Lanka Entising experiences in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place to visit during a holiday and it has various natural attractions plus plenty of cultural attractions you might want to take a look at while on this island.



This used to be the centre of the Theravada Buddhism community in Sri Lanka for years and was also the capital of the Sinhalese people until the 10th-century a.d. During this era, this place was one of Southeast Asia's most stable. example for urban life and the power of politics. The place is completely surrounded by monasteries for about 40 square kilometres. Anuradhapura is also one of the most cultural and sacred places to all Buddhists in the world. There are many popular attractions to visit when in the city and they are all located within a short distance of each other. If you are a history buff and want a customised tour of Sri Lanka's cultural attractions, you might want to contact a travel agency like Walkers Tours.



Known as The Lion Rock in Sri Lanka, this is a mighty ancient rock fortress built by King Kashyapa. He created a great palace on top of the Rock and constructed beautiful gardens around it. When you climb halfway up the rock, you will also be able to see the grand entrance that was once in the shape of a huge stone lion. Now, the entrance is a bit broken, but you can still imagine how the face of the lion was built in the entrance because you will be walking through the paws of the lion – which is the only reminder of what was once a magnificent statue of a lion.


Dambulla Rock

The Dambulla cave temple is a must-visit when you are on a trip to Sri Lanka. Regardless of what Sri Lanka safari you are on, if you are somewhere near Dambulla, definitely go to this place. The temple has various murals and it spreads out for more than 2000 m square. The place also narrates the story of Buddha through 150 odd gorgeously sculpted statues of Buddha its vivid paintings.



This is the second oldest city on all of the island, followed right after Anuradhapura. The place was made the capital of Sri Lanka in 1070AD. Today, this is one of the most beautiful and well-kept historic places in the country and is a great place for you to go on an enticing excursion. You can walk to most of the areas as there are dedicated walkways that interconnect the ancient sites and they are also located in proximity to each other. If you wish to make the experience more desirable and exciting, you can also hire a bicycle and cycle around the place instead of walking.



Home to one of the world's finest and most beautiful natural harbours, this is a major beach town located in the eastern province of Sri Lanka. The place is also known to be one of the most prominent Tamil speaking areas in the country.