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Children and Media Resources

The many resources to help parents and educators understand and make decisions regarding the media intake for their children

Advice for Parents of Young Children in Digital Age

With the four tips in this resource parents might feel more at ease: Keep It Interactve, Match Use with Age, Have fun, Stay Engaged, Promote digital literacy

Early Childhood Technology Network -

Karen Nemeth and Fran Simon are pioneers in ece and tech. Always getting this information out to all. We designed to give early childhood educators an easy online resource for reliable information about technology implementation.

Selected Resources on Technology in Early Childhood Education | National Association for the Education of Young Child...

This has a list of groups to join online, links to resources about early ed tech and reports that have been recently published about the topic

Ele: Early Learning Environment - Technology

Online and mobile education activities. Fun to do with children up to 5. Join the free community or try the different activities. It's all free.

Turning On or Tuning Out: The Influence of Media on Young Children's Development

In this podcast, Dr. Ellen Wartella talks about recent research on the impact of media on young children and how parents can use this information to make good decisions around the use of TV and other "screens". Dr. Wartella is professor of Communications and Psychology at Northwestern University and has been doing research on children and the media for over 30 years.

Children and Media . PBS Parents | PBS

Discover how TV, movies, advertising, computers and video games can shape your child's development.

Kids & the Media - older children

Even very young children in our society get a big daily dose of television, video games and music lyrics. While such media can provide education and entertainment, they can also result in aggressive attitudes and violent behavior.

Children Now-Judging Educational TV

Evaluate the TV shows that your children watch Watch television with your kids. Look for the inclusion of the six criteria of highly educational programs listed below. Judge for yourself how educational they really are. The six criteria of highly educational programming Clarity How easily can you identify the primary lesson?

Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America

Zero to Eight is a nationally representative survey of parents of U.S. children ages zero to eight, conducted to understand the patterns of media use among young American children.

Children and Media

Learning is changing. There is an entire Children and Media section that is explores this. This blog was started by KQED and NPR in 2010. "Launched in 2010 by KQED and NPR, MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions, covering cultural and technology trends, innovations in education, groundbreaking research, education policy, and more. "

Understanding the Impact of Media on Children

a pdf by the american academy of pediatrics. focused on television, movies and advertising. The end gives parents tips on how to educate and handle media with children.

U.S. parents not worried about kids' digital-media use

(CNN) -- With seemingly every kid in America glued most waking hours to a glowing digital device, you might expect their parents to be worried about the potentially harmful effects of all that screen time. Turns out, not so much.

Superhero Play | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC

Tell parents about media-related topics and concerns that come up in the classroom with their own children as well as with the class as a whole. Describing your concern and how and why you are addressing it models strategies families might use at home.

Helping Children Make Sense of Media Content | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC

Whatever content children see on screens, the good, the bad, or the ugly, they struggle to make sense of it. They connect it to what they already know to build new ideas about the world and how it works. In the process, children internalize messages about self-image, relationships, what should be important to them, and so on.

Screen Time Warning |

Beauty and folly are old companions.-Ben Franklin "If we let our youngest kids get too attached to those mesmerizing devices, they may have a hard time growing attached to each other later," observed Sherry Turkle in her article, "Once Upon a Screen," in The Science of You: The Factors That Shape Your Personality (New York: Time Books, 2013).

Video: Should Your Kids Watch TV?

Should young children be exposed to television screens? It's a question many parents find difficult to answer - in part because of the amount of folk-wisdom out there ('TV turns kids into zombies', etc.), but also because the growth of new technologies has outpaced research efforts.