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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Essential scuba diving tips for beginners- Important tips to know before you dive!

Diving is an amazing activity and one of the most favourite water activities out there. However, it is important to do a little bit of research before venturing off to dive.


Get the certification in order

Dive operators will usually want you to produce evidence of dive certification plus/ or either speciality competency. The latter will usually depend on the sort of dive you undertake. Make sure to obtain your dive certification from an authorised operator well ahead of your travels or diving trip.
Certain dive operations allow beginner dive courses, nevertheless, undertaking one of those does not enable you to dive as you please. If you do decide to go ahead and dive without certification and a certified diver there is a high probability of not being covered by your travel insurance.
Travel insurance policies carry certain stipulations about their coverage when it comes to scuba diving. Examine this thoroughly to recognise and know everything you are included in your insurance cover.


Make you are healthy enough for a dive

If you've never scuba dived before and intend to go ahead on your next trip, make sure to undergo a general health checkup before you leave your country. If you're usually active and healthy with no underlying complications, there need not be any great concerns. However, most operations will require you to approve a medical declaration before you start a diving course.
Even if you have certification to dive, never attempt a dive unless you are feeling 100 % up for it. Especially don't dive if are suffering from a head cold or after consuming alcohol


Dive with a reputed diving school

Do some prior research online into the best schools available in the location you are intending on diving. It's necessary to know the diving school you have chosen is reputable and all the scuba equipment is in good shape. This includes the boats used to travel to the sites, and the staff have to be well- experienced as well. Make sure there are instructors available that can speak your native language or English. The best thing is to get all the answers to your queries before agreeing to go ahead with any school. Many Maldives resorts have their own PADI certified instructors, so it will rarely be an issue in some destinations. Places like Anantara Veli Maldives Resort are certainly options to consider if visiting there.


Listen to tour instructor

Once on that dive boat make sure you pay close attention to your instructor. This is valid even if you have had plenty of experience on your own. You have to grasp your instructor's plan on the locations, and the course you will be taking. These are important factors to be abreast of.


Double-check your gear

While going to the dive site and before you embark on the dive, double-check all of your equipment. Don't worry about taking too much time, as safety is paramount! Make sure all is in working order. If you have any suspicions about the gear or how it works check with your instructor about any concerns you may have.