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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Best Things to do in Mui Ne (Vietnam) in 2021 - Realize a backpacker’s dream!

Mui Ne is one of the not to be missed destinations in Vietnam especially for adventure travellers who are in search of exciting outdoor activities. You will not get bored when in Mui Ne because there are plenty of activities to do amidst its laidback charm. Try out these things when you are holidaying in Mui Ne.


White sand dunes

When you think of sand dunes what comes to your mind would be the Namib or the Sahara Desert. You do not want to go that far. Spend your money on a much affordable flight to Vietnam to embrace the desert charm on your holiday. White sand dunes in Mui Ne are a popular attraction among leisure travellers across the world. Visit this place and it will be just how you have imagined about a desert. The vast expanse of pristine and barren land will tempt you to indulge in an unforgettable adventure. For a more extensive experience, you better visit these sand dunes at sunrise. The morning sun rays on the landscape create an extremely photogenic and awe-inspiring view. Take advantage of a morning walk on untouched sand and snap beautiful captures on your way. You will find several swamps and lakes in the middle of the desert.


Red sand dunes

Red sand dunes are located near the fishing village. The reason for calling them 'red dunes' is because these dunes have a red/brown or more of a rusty colour. As the sun goes down, the dunes make an absolutely beautiful scenery. This place is often crowded with people especially at sunset but does not get disheartened since you will always find a spot to view a glorious sunset. Make your Instagram friends jealous by capturing cinematic shots amidst intense fiery red shades radiated by sand dunes. If you are wondering about other interesting things to do in Mui Ne, many resorts such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort offer hot air balloon rides to take in magnificent views of dunes from up high.


Check out the Fairy Stream

This is a random thing to expect during your holiday in Mui Ne. Take a leisurely stroll along the stream with water underneath your feet. A great place to have a leisurely walk with your friends while soaking up the Mars-like surroundings. If you feel fatigued after the red canyon adventure, there are food and drink vendors on the creek side to chill out yourself with a refreshing snack or drink. It will take nearly 15 minutes to walk from one end of the stream to the other. The walkway is surrounded by shaded palm and bamboo tree forests. There is a half-bar-half zoo as well!


Take a motorbike tour

Driving a motorbike does not sound like something unusual but driving one in Vietnam will give you a different feeling. Almost all the roads are of good quality. Therefore, you can drive for miles up the hills towards the sand dunes or along the coast without any distraction. Do not forget to drive by the nearby fishing village



For all first-timers who think Mui Ne is just about beach soaking, there are a lot more exciting things to try out in this island paradise. Keep in mind; you are going to a water activity heaven! Plenty of exhilarating water sports awaits to give you memories for a lifetime. You can do everything from jet skiing, surfing to kitesurfing.

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