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We are inspired by the brands that have gone beyond the inches and pixels – brands that are a part of our pop culture. We live on the internet, love advertising, and serve a cocktail of ideas featuring the mavericks of marketing.

From viral campaigns to ads that have taken the online space by storm, we focus on all that’s in vogue. We also revisit the biggest moments in ad history that have shaped the craft.

We are for creators and thinkers, and for everyone enchanted by the magical spell called marketing.


Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more mainstream with celebrities like Elon Musk and others talking about using them as a mode of payment. Among these, NFTs have taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, with many artists selling their digital pieces of art for millions of dollars. Therefore, to cash in on this trend, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India, WazirX, has launched India’s first NFT marketplace.

International Mother’s Day is not just an occasion to be grateful for the support and sacrifice of our mothers, it’s also a day to show our love and appreciation towards them. However, it’s not just people that celebrate this day, brands also participate in the celebration by releasing various ads and marketing campaigns revolving around Mother’s Day.

Problematic Ads Of Yesteryear That Make Us Cringe

Looking back at all these ads now, we know exactly where the problem lies. For some others, however, this listicle shall be an eye opener.

It’s not just the coffee, but the connection audience has made with the brand throughout the years, all thanks to their marketing team for crafting the most amazing pieces.

Digital currencies are the new hype. To be more particular, the world is investing in Cryptocurrency, as they have successfully entered the public conversation and continue to smash the headlines.

Thanks to the billion-dollar entrepreneurs, who are investing heavily in crypto, the popularity of digital currency has surged once again. Amidst all these, can branding your own crypto be a wise idea?

A video streaming platform by profession, gearing up the curious onlookers by passion. They are not your regular promotions team, creating a teaser video and getting away with it. Instead, they like to play it cool, and add spicy flavors to their campaigns. Do not believe? See it for yourself.

How Lego Is Nailing Topical Advertising With The Friends Reunion And LGBTQ Lego Set

Lego unveiled the Friends Reunion themed lego set and the LGBTQ themed lego set and nailed the art of topical advertising.

It is hard for brands to nail the right tone while creating a campaign that is authentic and whose sole purpose isn’t just to capitalise on the popularity of pride. Here are some of the few campaigns that we’ve seen over the years that perfectly capture the spirit of pride.