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Resident Writer Ali Rodriguez Posts For #bealeader

Are You Living Your Beliefs? @Ali4Coach #bealeader - #bealeader

86 Flares 86 Flares × #bealeader™ Resident Writer Ali Rodriquez brings us a post today from her blog asking us to consider how we are living our beliefs Often our lives are a direct result of that which we believe. It includes it all, the good, the bad and the really ugly.

The One On One #bealeader Interview with @Ali4Coach - #bealeader

110 Flares 110 Flares × As part of our ongoing series, I sat down with Ali Rodriguez to discuss her take on leadership today as well as her background and business bringing the real world experience to all she serves. I hope you enjoy this conversation, Ali is ball of energy and leader who put [...]

Are You Fully, Self-Expressed? @ali4coach #bealeader - #bealeader

81 Flares 81 Flares × Ali Rodriquez brings us another post today from her own blog today about being self-expressed. It is not always easy to say exactly what you are thinking. You want to, you really want to; and then....there is this big BUT that holds you back.

Know when to Fold Them. The Art of Walking Away! @ali4coach #bealeader - #bealeader

121 Flares 121 Flares × Do you always know when you have a winning hand? And if so, do you know when to hold them? Or do you some times, untimely fold? Don't just hate it when that happens? Kenny Rogers - The Gambler on You Tube And then, even at times, when you have [...]

It Takes Two To Tango! The Power of Collaboration By @Ali4Coach For #bealeader - #bealeader

9 Flares 9 Flares × Have you ever seen or participated in doing the Tango? If you have, you will know that it is one of the most beautiful dances ever. It is sensuous, graceful, harmonious, intricate, physical, calculated and well choreographed. It is also a highly creative way of self-expression....with another person...

Are You Being Betrayed? Fight Back With The Power Of Integrity! By @Ali4Coach For #bealeader - #bealeader

0 Flares 0 Flares × Have you ever felt like you're walking around with a knife in your back? Have you seen it happen to others? Was the pain so intense that you were paralyzed or disarmed to do anything about it, and therefore, you didn't? Or did Anger get the best of you?

Leaders are Real People! @Ali4Coach #bealeader

When we think of leaders we want them to be extraordinary, smart, innovative, peak performers, charismatic, invincible. And often they are, however they are real people too; they hurt, they bleed, they cry, they laugh, they live, and they die. Expect what's plausible, probable, and doable.

Behind the Scenes of Leadership @Ali4Coach #bealeader

Remember the leaders you looked-up to, and admired immensely because they were the epitome of true leadership in action? Do you remember wondering how they did it so well with such elegant execution and how much you were inspired by them? The truth is that a lot goes on behind the scenes of leadership which [...]

Do You Feel Like Quitting?

Oftentimes the road you are taking feels all uphill. In fact, it feels like a battle you cannot win. You are exhausted, confused, and want to be left alone. Does this sound familiar? Is it time to rest? Is it time to reflect? Is it time to analyze?

Doctors On Twitter

List of doctors who use Twitter to further the conversation on Healthcare Social Media. Add your favorite docs to this list.

Are You Stepping Into Growth?

It was the early morning hours of March 31, when suddenly, the house was shaking, the wind was howling, and all was dark. Electricity was off. Cell phone was dead, and of course, no computer either. I found my portable radio and listened to the tornado warning.

#beamentor™Team Member Ali Rodriguez - #bealeader

Name: Ali Rodriguez Location: Ormond Beach, Florida Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Ali is passionately crazy about helping professionals fuse passion with profits, monetize their expertise, and create a lifestyle to match.

Leaders in Bikinis and Bathing Suits

Have you ever wondered if "The Girl from Ipanema" was a leader, and if so, was she good at it? Did she do anything meaningful to be remembered by? After all, she was tall, and tanned, and beautiful, and she knew it.

Self Employed Success

It started as an innocent question on Facebook: do you prefer to get email newsletters with the full article in the email, or do you prefer to get a short description and link to read the article on the author's website?

Ginger's Top 5 Picks Of The Week ..November 24th

Listly List - Ginger's Top 5 Picks Of The Week ..November 24th - FIVE KEY Questions if You Want to Go to Mars @Casudi, How to Check for Plagiarism Online @GoldDustRush, "Have Google Glass Users Become Targets By Police and Legislators Who Fear It" @GettysburgGerry, Is Your Business Blog Serving Up the Right Information?

The Best Is Yet To Come From Ali Rodriguez

As we continue our December blog series "The Best Is Yet To Come" today's post is from Resident Writer and #beamentor team member Ali Rodriguez . What was my biggest success in 2013? --Collaboration!!! I always use a one-word theme for every year, and that was my intuitive choice at the onset of 2013, and it worked like a charm!

Ali Rodriguez, Author at #bealeader

Ali helps professionals fuse passion with profits, monetize their expertise, and create a lifestyle to match. Ali's multi-lingual and multi-cultural background adds diversity to her coaching style and to her business and marketing programs. She shares her extensive knowledge through the written word alongside best-selling authors in the book "Mastering the Art of Success" discussing strategies for achievement.

#bealeader Articles

Here you will find articles and posts written by team members and others about #bealeader

What's The Name You Call Yourself?

Sun light has come and gone and in the still of the night you find a quiet place to have that very special inner dialogue like only you can have with yourself. Are you contemplating life? Or are you just reviewing your day and wondering if everything went according to plan.

#beamentor Volunteer Team Members

Listly List - #beamentor Volunteer Team Members - #beamentor™ Volunteer Member Marc Lawn - #bealeader, #beamentor™ Volunteer Member Alli Polin - #bealeader, #beamentor™ Volunteer Member Roy A.

Welcome To The "Passionista" Revolution!

Passion is energy, pure and simple.And courage is the big Gas Tank that fuels your passion, because for the most part, that's what it takes to stand-up to conventional wisdom and overall criticism.

Passionate Resident Writers

**Passionate Resident Writers at #bealeader

February 2014 Blog**

Will The Real You, Please Stand Up?

There's real beauty in being who you really are. Authentic, transparent, concise and courageous, and yet, there are many others with the same virtues, assets and traits. What makes you original, one of a kind, different, stand-out above the rest?

Meet With A Mentor - Ali Rodriguez #beamentor Series

Meet +Ali R. Rodriguez for our first #beamentor Meet With A Mentor Hangout. Our topic " The 5 P's of Personal Development"