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Amazing Things to Explore in India – Mesmerising Attractions for the Visitor

The vast nation of India offers a myriad of amazing things to experience that will captivate the visitor, such as Akshardham, Chand Baori Stepwell, Mahabodhi Temple and so on, as described below.



Akshardham situated in proximity to the Yamuna River in Delhi, is an entrancing cultural site that ranks amongst the most splendid in India. Here, you will see a huge temple featuring the carvings of innumerable skilled artisans. When you glimpse this temple's eye-catching exterior, you will be struck by its distinctive appearance and intriguing architecture. Its interior is equally stunning, displaying a captivating collection of vividly detailed scenes relating to Hinduism; you will see that these depictions cover the walls, pillars and even the domed ceiling above you. If you arrive at this site about an hour before sunset, you will have the opportunity to see it beautifully illuminated as well.


Chand Baori Stepwell

This intriguing attraction is in the small village known as Abhaneri and presents a spectacular sight for the visitor. This impressive water tank constructed many centuries ago by the monarch Chanda, is regarded as being amongst the biggest of its kind in the entirety of India. This massive well is about 30 m in depth and features more than 3,500 intertwined steps in a distinctive pattern that will captivate the viewer. Inside the well, you will notice numerous statues of Hindu deities and other religious depictions.


Mahabodhi Temple

The renowned Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya is believed to be situated at the location where Prince Siddhartha Gautama achieved enlightenment and became Buddha. Also, according to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha after attaining enlightenment meditated at this site for several weeks. The Mahabodhi Temple initially was constructed by King Ashoka, a Buddhist monarch, and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find accommodation options from major hotel chains within easy reach of this temple including Minor Hotels which operates a property in Bodh Gaya.


Jolly Music House in Varanasi

Varanasi is an ancient city in India with significant religious importance. Here, you will notice innumerable temples, religious rituals, old palaces, interesting markets, people undertaking religious observances at the sacred Ganges River, and so on. An unusual attraction in Varanasi would be the Jolly Music House, a small establishment operated by the amiable 'Jolly', a skilled musician who conducts lessons on various Indian musical instruments. He may even arrange an evening concert which is sure to be an entrancing experience for the visitor.


Raj Mandir Cinema

The Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur is one of India's most renowned cinemas. This cinema which opened its doors to the public in 1976, happens to be an expansive art deco type structure and will be a wonderful place at which to view a Bollywood movie. The charming interior with its pastel colours, the sizable theatre and the vibrant atmosphere to be found here all contribute to the distinctive movie viewing experience. After the conclusion of the movie, you will be able to make your way to MI Road and enjoy a refreshing lassi drink at one of the shops.

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