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4 effective Ayurvedic treatments - practice leading to positive results…

Sri Lanka is a country with a rich heritage and culture and Ayurvedha practice is one of the main treatments in the country that are considered to be effective and efficient.



Similar to a normal massage which applies pressure on to a body, the Abhyanga ayurvedic treatment involves the use of a variety of oils and herbs that are applied to the specific body part the massage is required for and then rubbed into the skin allowing the oils and the herbs to do their magic. As carriers of various healing and soothing powers oils and herbs are used often in Ayurvedic treatments. Even if it only a shoulder massage, foot massage, or a full body massage you are bound to feel relaxed by the end of the massage not only because of the treatment but also because of the aroma of the burning incense, the soothing surrounding and the atmosphere as a whole if you go to a reputed spa or hotel that specialises in ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka such as the Heritance Ayurveda.



Shirodhara is a treatment that is perfect for those who have a migraine or any other headache that is continuously getting in the way of the peace of mind of day-to-day life. Shiro means head and Dhara means flow and that makes the name Shirodhara self-explanatory. Warm oil which was made with several herbs is poured onto the forehead at different speeds and then massaged into the skin. Many different recipes are used for Shirodhara, Some of these recipes are over 2000 years old and they have to be made in advance as certain herbs take time to bring in the effect. The oil is heated when the patient arrives for the treatment. This treatment is also known to clear any blockage in the nose which clears out any phlegm.


Netra Basti

Netra Basti is a treatment that is done to the eyes which is one of the most important parts of the body but is also one of the most neglected parts by humans. The eyes are considered as the sun in Ayurvedha and the treatment involves the entire eye socket being bathed in warm ghee in order to bring the Ptaa Dhosa of the eyes to the right balance. Ghee is known to have a nourishing effect on the eyes and stressed, itchy or any discomforts in the eyes can be eased off with the Netra Basti treatment


Pinda Sveda

This Ayurvedic treatment is done with warm cotton bags filled with herbs massaged onto the body. The general practice is to simultaneously use two of these cotton bags on either side of the body so the balance is maintained. The main aim of the Pinda Sveda Ayurvedic treatment is to relieve any pain or stress on joints and muscles and to release the tension in these areas. The warmth of the cotton bags that are pressed against the skin opens the pores which allow the essence of the herbs to be absorbed into the muscles and skin of the body. Depending on the severity of the aches and pains the therapists will decide if two hands are sufficient and if not they will have two therapists working on the patient at the same time.