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Updated by Abhay Chaturvedi on May 18, 2021
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21 Best React Component Libraries To Try In 2021

Picking the correct React component library for an application can be tricky, but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled 21 best React component libraries that are popular among developers for their usability and accessibility.



React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap

We all love Bootstrap because of the liberty it gives us to play with responsive web components. But Bootstrap has some pain areas. Because of specific unwanted libraries, it tends to reduce the performance of web applications? Suppose you are developing a web app using React. What is the solution if you want to include some all-time favorite bootstrap components?

The answer is – React Bootstrap.

With more than 19.3k stars and 3.1k forks on GitHub, React Bootstrap is among the best React component libraries that completely replaces bootstrap JavaScript with React. Each component is developed in the style of a React component. That means unwanted libraries like jQuery are no longer present. Being one of the oldest libraries, it has evolved a lot. You will get a lot of help from the React community. This makes React-Bootstrap an excellent choice for your app’s UI base.


Material UI React

Material UI React

You might have heard about Google’s material design. With a collection of sleek and simplistic elements, the library awed us by providing all the items necessary to build a high-quality digital experience. What if you could have a similar experience in your React app without the pain point of integration?

Material UI is considered one of the best React libraries with all the material design elements to use easily in your React project. It has more than 67.8k stars and 21.6k forks on GitHub. If you are not much of a designer, no issues. Material UI gives you a collection of themes that you can choose for your site. There is extensive documentation so that you can find whatever you need whenever you feel stuck.


Ant Design React

Ant Design React

Having more than 6.2k stars and 27.7k forks, Ant Design React is one of the best React component libraries containing many quality components and prototypes for creating rich, engaging user interfaces. It supports internationalization for different languages and uses Less.js for styling components. Ant Design framework provides customization to modify the designs.

Buttons, icons, breadcrumbs, grids, dropdowns, and pagination are among the Ant Design components. Besides, it provides a mobile-friendly version to create mobile applications.




Nowadays, web development has evolved from the complex work of customizing CSS and HTML to dynamic components where styling is mostly auto-generated with the use of libraries. Rebass is one of the best grid libraries that provides UI components, leaving the developer to focus only on page development. It has more than 7.3k stars and 580 forks on GitHub.

Rebass has a theme provider, using which you can install themes that take user experience to a whole new level. The library is easier to adapt to. Developers will quickly get used to the codes and syntaxes. It can also integrate with other libraries to enhance your web app’s performance.


Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React

Like Bootstrap, won’t it be better to have a customized library developed by integrating React with Semantic UI? Well, we have another best component library, Semantic UI React. Its star count over GitHub is 12.2k and has 3.6 forks. The library is free from jQuery because since React has a virtual DOM, it is unwise to keep a library that manipulates DOM. With the Semantic UI React library, developers can easily create stunning and responsive web designs with syntactically and coherent code.

There is no shortage of customizable elements, thus leading you to unleash uninterrupted creativity. However, despite all of its unique features, if you do not have hands-on experience in JavaScript, you may find the library a bit complex.


React Motion

Do you want an easy solution for animating components in React? React Motion is one of the best React libraries you can find. Just by using the law of physics, the library helps you to create realistic animations. All you need to do is –

  • Specify values for dampness and stiffness in one of the components that you exported.
  • The library will take care of the rest by creating an endless possibility of animations.
  • The icing on the cake? You don’t need to worry about interrupting animations. The API becomes simplified to a considerable extent.

React Motion has more than 19.6k stars and 1.1k forks on GitHub. The documentation is pretty easy to get started with, where you can find the source code of each component.


React Hook Form

React Hook Form

Another best component library in our list is React Hook Form. With more than 20.3k stars on GitHub, as the name says, the library React Hook Form is used with the APIs of React hooks. But what exactly does it? The library aligns UI along with the standards of existing HTML, thus making form validation easier.

Often there are some native HTML inputs and uncontrolled components. The library brings them along. Developed with Typescript, it helps create a form data type, which is to support form values. By using this library, your form becomes error-free, minimizing the rendering time to a vast extent. There is also more. You can integrate and use it with the state management libraries of React.




When it comes to state management libraries, the one that comes to our mind is Redux. Redux also comes under the category of best component libraries with 20.9k GitHub stars and 3k forks. Although it is meant to be used with the library components of React UI, you can also use it with Vue, Angular, Ember, and other JS frameworks.

Redux helps to connect React components to pieces of state by decreasing the need for props or callbacks. The library is often termed as a developer’s best friend. It helps you to write consistent codes and is environment-friendly. You can also edit the code while your app is live. React Native has an official Redux library – React-Redux.


React 360

We live in the age of augmented and virtual reality. Nowadays, most businesses, especially retail or e-commerce, provide AR/VR experience to try out their product virtually. It would be pretty helpful if you could create an AR/VR experience in React, won’t it?

React 360 is yet another best React library to help you create VR and 360 experiences using React. Whatever you create runs smoothly on mobiles, desktop as well as VR devices. The goal of this library is to simplify the process of creating complex VR and 3D UI. Just like its predecessor, React VR, this library also boasts of providing an engaging experience to its users by using familiar concepts and tools.


React Router

React Router

React is well known for its declarative programming model. If you are creating an application with React, it will be great to have some components that you can compose declaratively in your app. React router is a collection of such components. Suppose you want to add some URLs which you can bookmark. Or, what if you want a composable way to navigate in React native? We have a React Router for the solution.

React Router is one of the best component libraries that makes it effortless for the developer to handle navigation in a single-page app. Not only that, but the library also offers smooth screen-to-screen transition, server-side rendering and vivid support for nesting.