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ECommerce Organic Traffic

If you’re new to online marketing or have a new website to promote, you first need to understand organic traffic. Organic traffic is the user traffic that comes through search engine results. That means the website page that you want your prospective customers to visit should be present somewhere in the top search engine result pages.

How To Optimize ECommerce Organic Traffic Through Automation? - eGoodMedia

If the buyers like the concept of your eCommerce business, your website UI & UX, and most importantly your marketing style in the initial phase, they would further lead to more traffic on your eCommerce website. They recommend your business to others also. Consequently, your search engine rank also improves.

Reddit is considered as the collection of communities where most of the users spend time in exchanging their ideas and talking about different topics. You Can find any kind of community about any niche.

What Are Breadcrumbs & How Essential They’re For SEO? - eGoodMedia

Search engines also pay more attention to such web page layouts and structure as they can easily go through the same. They need to rank your web pages with the help of crawlers. So Breadcrumbs can prove to be a great support for your website ranking in this way.

With Yoast SEO Plugin you can review your Cornerstone Content List where you can easily find the total backlinks to your Cornerstone Content & the links from your Cornerstone Content to other subpages also.

They are looking for specific products, services, or topics and search for corresponding keywords & phrases along with a hashtag. If you mention the same keywords & phrases in your tweets, your target consumers can reach you faster than usual.

You can make use of YouTube subtitles to enhance the accessibility of your YouTube videos and consequently bring more traffic to your videos. People like to have control over the videos and use them in multiple ways as they like.

A Facebook business page is your first step to set up your social media marketing strategy. You can further create Facebook ads, posts, and communities on behalf of your Facebook business page. That means more sources of opportunities related to your target customers.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to generate leads for your emerging products and services. But you have to become an expert in running the corresponding marketing campaign for your business growth.

Duplicate links usually acquire unnecessary space in your google index due to which your SERP appearance takes longer than usual to shine. As a result, it also affects your internal link optimization plan without being visible to you.

User-generated content is the one your website users create. It remains on your website and the relative sources. The format of the content could be of any type like- Videos, Posts, Photos & Product Reviews. User-generated content is genuinely created by users, however, there could be some complications and outsiders can also generate fake content on behalf of your website to misguide other users. They’re usually the competitive forces related to your online business. You can approach experienced website marketing experts at eGoodMedia and get started with your user-generated content marketing campaign. We’re a renowned Online Marketing & Website SEO Company based in Vancouver & Seattle. We consider your projects as our own and find the best solutions for your digital marketing concerns! Read more on

Niche marketing is a different sort of marketing strategy that’s based on a specific business perspective. Niche marketing means you have a specific product or service that you want to trigger through your website. For example a mobile phone niche. A mobile niche website consists of numerous mobile variants that you want to cover. A single niche website also has multiple products and service categories to convey. Niche marketing depends on a particular product line or category and you have to focus on what you can include into the category. Website SEO is also applicable to your niche marketing strategy. After all, search engine ranking can’t be neglected anyway. Search engine ranking is the top prerequisite you need to achieve through your website marketing strategy. Read more on

If you’re running an informative blog or website too, you need to share that information through the way of your Facebook posts. User interactions are not merely associated with a purchase plan. They also visit your posts and messages to learn something new. Hence, creating Facebook or similar posts is essential for your business. For added insight, we’re going to discuss the Facebook Dark Post in this article.

You can draw more conversions out of an ideal audience & traffic on your website. Conversion means your website visitors trust your online offers and want to perform some action or go for a purchase decision. You just need to encourage them for a purchase decision accordingly. Customer match marketing works exceptionally in this case. It devotes more focus on ideal visitors than their purchase decision. If your website visitors are ideal you don’t need to think about the conversion rates much. Your website visitors can also be a great source of your next Customer Match Marketing campaign. In fact, you can find certain website visitors who are interested in sharing your content on their social media profiles further. You can approach such users to raise your Facebook match marketing plan right away. Read more on

How to Evaluate ROI on Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

What’s the point of executing a social media marketing campaign if you don’t get a fine ROI from the project? ROI means Return on Investment and it is very crucial to be measured throughout the time. You have to invest something for the creation & promotion of your website in the future. Although there are certain website creation platforms that give you a facility to get started with a free website, you further have to invest something to your website promotion goals.

Enterprise SEO Audit Checklist: Are You Missing Something? - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

Have you checked your existing digital marketing strategy before? Especially your website SEO techniques? Do you find it effective enough or make changes according to different time frames. You have to work on your online marketing techniques from time to time. Because the marketplaces on the internet also keep changing & modifying over time. Consequently, there’s a difference between the company SEO & a blogging website SEO that you have to understand. An enterprise project is usually a challenging one.

Social Commerce: 8 Suggestions for Your Social Commerce Plan - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

The internet has become a potential marketplace for many budding buyers & sellers all over the world. If you don’t find a particular product in your city or country, you can place an order from an outer country or city, all because of eCommerce businesses running throughout the world. Furthermore, you get to see multiple options of products & services to review before you make a purchase decision.

How To Improve Authority, Trust & Relevance For Better SEO?

What do you think about the Relevance, Authority & Trust associated with your website SEO campaign? Digital Marketing can’t be imagined without these three pillars of website SEO. Website SEO has different aspects to cover and you have to make your online marketing strategy accordingly. You have to understand what On-Page & Off-Page SEO modules you’re supposed to imply to your marketing project.

Social Media Analytics for Business: A Comprehensive Guide - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

Have you created a social media profile to represent your business ideas so far? Social media marketing helps you promote your online business more effectively than any other marketing technique. Because social media has got a live audience involved in regular interactions related to varied products & services available on the internet. There are many online businesses like yours, present on social media platforms.

10 Mobile SEO Best Practices To Consider In 2021

Mobile search engine optimization can bring you new users & customers who essentially appreciate your marketing styles. Mobile optimization can assist them in performing various operations on your site and create a relationship with your website. They visit your website again & again as they’re not supposed to open their laptop to shop from your site. You can also create a mobile application that represents your website content perfectly.

What is Google Knowledge Panel? How To Improve SEO From It? - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

The significance of the Google Knowledge Panel has increased effectively over the past few years. Now it represents brand value and recognition for popular businesses. There are 2 kinds of businesses that Google serves on SERPs- Local Businesses & International Businesses. A Google My Business profile can also be considered as a knowledge panel sharing information about local companies. A local company can operate within its national territory.

8 Ways Low Search Volume Keywords Can Improve SEO & Conversions - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

Have you considered low Google Search Volume amid doing keyword research for your SEO campaign? Of course, you have. Google is the biggest source of organic searches all over the world. And, organic searches are very crucial for your web page ranking. You should convert these searches into organic traffic. It is a brilliant search engine ranking factor that every website marketer has to think about.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Do you have an online business? Which social media marketing sites do you consider for an online business? Instagram is also a notable social media platform to be included in this list. By scheduling Instagram stories you can do free promotion of your online products & services easily. Moreover, the platform is available with many other essential features that can aid your marketing campaign.

8 Tips to Improve Social Media Presence of Your Business in 2021 - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

Are you looking to improve your social media presence for your company? A better social media presence can bring more traffic & conversions to your website. Your website reflects your business model so you must maintain traffic & leads on it. For this, you have to increase your social media presence for your online business. 

How to Prevent Traffic Drop (SEO Mistakes) After Website Redesign? - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

Is your Website Redesign idea becoming a barrier for your website traffic? The website traffic contributes to the website SEO and helps to achieve better search engine rank for your web pages. So, you need to maintain your website traffic throughout your online existence. But your website design could create disturbance for your website UX in certain cases. The recent Google page experience update also deals with the website UX and ranks the web pages accordingly.

9 Ways To Improve Website Ranking On Mobile Devices In 2021 - eGoodMedia | Digital Media Agency

Are you looking to improve website ranking on mobile devices? You must implement mobile-first indexing to your website pages so that the search engine crawlers rank your web pages accordingly on the SERPs. Mobile-friendliness has become a crucial part of website SEO these days. If you’re running a website SEO campaign you can’t overlook this factor. Mobile searches have increased exceptionally with the introduction of smartphones in the last decade and digital marketers have used it.