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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Top 05 Indisputable Reasons to Visit Maldives in 2021 – a few of many highlights

Could you possibly note down all the reasons out there to visit an absolute paradise? Of course, not! Simply because there are just so many! But this article highlights what makes heaven on earth, Maldives, one of the most irresistible destinations in the world.


Relax on the Beach

When it comes to Maldives, there are many ways in which one could enjoy relaxing on the beach. Let's explore the possibilities beginning from the very start of the day...dawn at the beach. This is one of the most amazing sights on the shores of Maldives and is often underrated. Imagine the ocean at its calmest, bright colours gradually spreading out across the horizon and the cold air slowly becoming warm. It's something worth waking up to!
Next, let's move on to the sunset. Surely, this needs no introduction as it is what the shores are most popular for and is also that time when romance fills the air with a backdrop of shades of orange, pink, and gold. The night sky slowly appears to reveal thousands of stars in a clear sky, yes, you can stargaze on the beach too. Just lying on the sand at these times of the day is enough to fill your soul with peace.


Swimming with Whale Sharks

Seen all those blogs and vlogs about diving and swimming with the big fish of the sea? Do you have a spirit that's adventurous and bold enough to take on the challenge of swimming with whale sharks? No, they are not going to harm you in any way. These creatures of the deep blue are actually calm and are pretty much used to being in the limelight among masked humans blowing bubbles off their pipes. Whale sharks are also surprisingly punctual when it's feeding time and tend to visit a particular reef right at that specific time each day.


Dive into The Coral Reef

Walk right out of your Maldives beach villa and there you have it, the expanse of the ocean, and it's all yours to explore. Gear up in a snorkel mask or other diving equipment, wade through the waters, and give in to the weightless feeling of upthrust, immerse yourself under the water and open your eyes for a display of colourful magic! Yes, that's what it feels like to see the vibrant, rich coral gardens filled with inhabitants beneath the waters.


Enjoy Water Sports

Canoeing, kayaking, sea bobbing, windsurfing, surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, jet skiing and the list just keeps going on when one looks at the options for water sports in Maldives. It hardly matters if you are a beginner or a veteran at these sports in Maldives as you will be briefed thoroughly on safety and how to get about things regardless. Reethi Faru Resort and most hotels in Maldives offer a wide range of adrenaline-pumping water activities for guests to try out.


Delicious Dishes

Coming in last but not least is of course the amazing local cuisine that you just can't leave without tasting! Dig into some of the most delicious seafood dishes prepared with the catch of the day. Maldivian cuisine is focused on ingredients like tuna which are available in abundance, spices, and tropical fruits. Grab that menu, order, and dig won't regret it!

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