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Remodeling Contractors Los Angeles

Bibi Construction Inc is privately owned and operated, licensed, and insured general contractor with more than 10 years of experience in the home improvement industry. We guarantee that you will enjoy a stress-free home renovation process.


Stunning Ideas for Backyard Renovations Near Me

Stunning Ideas for Backyard Renovations Near Me

Are planning to renovate your home? Remember, one of the most important areas of your house is the backyard. It can either complement your house or decrease its value. There are garden and water features that elevate the beauty of your house.

Backyard Renovations Near Me, if done correctly, can increase the value of your home, whether it is small, or big. Some stunning backyard renovations can include suggestions that our experts have jotted down here for you!

You can build patios:-

Patios are beautiful features that can be added to your backyard. 'Patio' in Spanish means courtyard. Like a traditional courtyard, it is an open area with amazing designs but unlike a courtyard, it is not surrounded by walls. Patios can either attach, that is, extended from the indoor of the house to the outdoor, or detached from the main house. As they are built at the ground level, it does not have to be surrounded by walls, or safety railings.

These are amazing places where you can relax. They can be made with concrete, stone, or paver.

• Decks can make it a warmer place

Decks are usually made with wood, and adds warmth and coziness to your house. It is extremely classy but unlike the patio. It has a wall, or safety railings around it because it is built at a higher level from the ground.

• You can also add a resource recycling system

If you are a conservationist, then it is an excellent idea to add a resource recycling system to your lush green lawn. You can add solar panels, rainwater recycling systems to your home sustainability.

• You can add an outdoor kitchen

Cooking in an open area, surrounded by lush green lawn, mild breeze with birds and flowers as your company is a heavenly feeling. It enhances the overall appearance of your home but doesn't forget to put a waterproof shade on the top.

You can also add balconies, water features like a waterfall, and more. You can choose any of the backyard renovation ideas, which we, Bibi Construction Inc will convert into reality. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us!

Home Remodeling Los Angeles

To hire the best service for home remodeling in Los Angeles, feel free to contact Bibi Construction Inc, the best service for Remodeling in Los Angeles.

Outdoor Kitchen California

Outdoor Kitchen in California may involve a great investment. Therefore, especially if it comes to renovating the place, setting a proper budget is essential to escape any future discrepancies.

Landscape, Patios and Decks California

The installation of Landscape, Patios, And Decks in California is getting popular every day. However, many people are still in doubt if the installation is really beneficial. Well, this blog is for you.

Driveway & Sidewalks Construction Los Angeles

Are you thinking of renovating your driveway? In this case, hiring a professional service provider for Driveway & Sidewalks Construction in Los Angeles is important. Here, we have brought the list of basic benefits of installing a concrete driveway.

Bathroom Renovation - Remodeling Los Angeles

When you are going to hire a Bathroom Remodel Contractor in Thousand Oaks, you need to make your mind prepare for the process. Learning about the process and the importance of bathroom remodeling is useless if you can’t get rid of mistakes during a bathroom renovation.

Pools & Spa Construction

Construction of pools and spas is a specialized task. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before a new pool or spa is built in a home. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a contractor for this purpose.

Room addition Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

Home addition alludes to the most common way of transforming extra space into your room. Notwithstanding, it tends to be an additional room or two rooms or a whole floor itself. However, when you add an additional space to our home, you need to make a ton of plans and go through an immense measure of cash.

Pool Construction Bibiconstruction

Do you want to remodel your pool to make it more relaxing and enjoyable? A pool in the backyard space of your house is quite a good place to spend a lovely time with your family members.

Pool Remodeling Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

Is it true that you are searching for expert assistance for in ground Pool Remodeling in Los Angeles? In this case, you need to examine some essential things prior to installing or remodeling an in ground pool in your home.

Residential Remodeling Experts Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

If you want the help of residential remodeling experts in Los Angeles, contact us. This software has made creating realistic 3-dimensional visualizations easy. This technology has provided our experts with an effective platform to express your vision. for know more about it you can visit our website.

Kitchen Remodel Near Me Bibiconstruction

Are you tired of searching ‘the best kitchen remodel near me’? If yes, it is time for you to get rid of your worries as Bibi Construction Inc brings a customized range of kitchen renovation services at a reasonable price. However, being one of the most trusted Kitchen renovation services in California, we often find that people make common mistakes without having a proper plan.

Bathroom remodel Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

Do you want to change the old, dull look of your bathroom? Then, you must choose the best designs from Bibi Construction Inc. Our licensed and trained technicians are experienced in remodeling bathrooms for years. You are going to have myriads of options in Jacuzzi, Windows, a Bathtub with a walk-in shower, backsplashes, cabinetry, flooring or sinks. So, don't waste your time, call us today and book our experts for bathroom remodel in Los Angeles.


Outdoor Kitchen California Bibiconstruction

Outdoor Kitchen California The concept of Outdoor Kitchen in California is growing popular every day. However, if you want to redesign the outdoor kitchen in your house, you may follow these points. Understand the feature it should have First of all. You need to understand the features the Outdoor Kitchen in California should have.

General Contractor Los Angeles

Do you need to hire an experienced General Contractor in Los Angeles? If yes, you have to be very careful while hiring a professional service provider. You should know a basic thing that in the market, there are lots of service provider who claims that they can provide you with the best service but ultimately, they end up with making a mess.

Bathroom remodel Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

Three major interests or reasons why you should go for Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Los Angeles.

Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

Do you want to extend your living space and enhance the value of your property? Then hardscape remodeling can be an ideal option for you. An experienced hardscape designer can guide you by adding building blocks in the surrounding area of your house. Let’s have a look at the benefits you can get with hardscape remodeling in Los Angeles.

Hardscape Remodeling Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

We provide all renovation and remodeling services under one roof. Area serving in los angeles and nearby Thousand Oaks, Whittier, Hawthorne, Beverly Hills CA.

Room Addition in Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

If you want to have some extra space in a cost-effective way, a room addition is going to be a perfect solution for you. But before you start the room addition in Los Angeles, just have a look at the types of room addition you can have for your convenience.

Backyard designers near me bibiconstruction

If you want to decorate the Backyard of your house by adding plants, shady spots, outdoor lighting, you should search the “backyard designers near me" on the internet right now. But before going to the backyard designers check the latest designs and select your one!

Exterior Paint Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

Selecting the paint for the exterior wall is not a very easy task. You need to think about durability, attracting the guests and combining the right colors and many other things. Sounds tough, right? So, before starting the exterior paint in Los Angeles, check these essential tips.

General Contractor Los Angeles Bibiconstruction

The attic is one of the most important parts in your house. It assumes a fundamental part in maintaining the wind stream and the temperature management in your home. In case the upper room in your home isn't all around protected, it compromises the health of your home. As per General Contractor in Los Angeles, an uninsulated upper attic can improve the utility bills in your home.

Bathroom remodel Los Angeles

Do you want to renovate the bathroom at an affordable price range? In this case, consulting a professional renovator like Bibi Construction should be your ultimate choice. Here, experts guide you at every step of your remodeling. We understand that the bathroom in your house is an integral part of your house. Therefore It requires proper renovation to function properly. We have brought you the best services at a reasonable price range. To learn more, please consult us.