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Dr Lahari & Ajaychanakya the best Oncologists in Hyderabad who provides all kind of cancer treatments and now running a "Mission Cancer Care" program for Cancer patients.

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Dr Ajay Chanakya the Best Robotic Cancer Surgeon in Hyderabad who is an experienced surgeon in both "Open & Minimal" cancer surgeries for all type of cancers.

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Dr Lahari Chanakya the best Cancer Radiation Oncologist in Hitech city. She offers the best Cancer treatment plans for all kind of cancers to prevent patients from cancer.


Can Apples reduce cancer? Lahari & Chanakya

We often hear the saying “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It is because apples are one of the most nutritious fruits out there. It is rich in Fiber, potassium and vitamin C which can be effective against cancer.

The vitamin C in apples has an antioxidant which supports the immune functioning, fight cancer cell growth and also supports cancer recovery.
best foods for cancer Patients


What is cervical cancer and its causes? Lahari & Chanakya

Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor of the lowermost part of the uterus. It is the second most cancer type in India and also one of the most treatable cancer when its detected at an early age.
it's certain and believed that HPV plays a role even though the majority of people with HPV do not get cervical cancer.
Causes are:
1. Having multiple sexual partners
2. Consuming Tobacco
3. Having genital herpes,

Causes and Symptoms


can somebody live with untreated cervical cancer? Lahari & Chanakya

Cervical cancer usually takes 5 to 20 years to develop, so you have enough time to start your treatment, But if it's left untreated then it can spread to bladder, intestine, lungs, bones and liver.

The survival rate of untreated cervical cancer could be less than 1 years after you have been diagnosed with such cancer.
details about Cervical cancer


Best radiation oncologist in HITEC City?

My friend had her radiation treatment done at Medicover hospital in Hitech city by Dr. Lahari Chanakya, a Radiation Oncologist in HiTech City a year ago,

She has been treated with (IMRT) . The doctor is very supportive and kind. After the treatment my friend have to do a routine visit to the hospital and her health is improving day by day.
Best radiation oncologist in hitech city


Why do we still not find a cure for cancer? Lahari & Chanakya

Cancer is not a single disease which comes and goes, it brings a package with it. Even the cure is not easy. It too comes with a price, I personally know many people who lost many organs in order to survive the cancer. In olden days cancer is like a death sentence where if you have it, you have to die because of it there is no other way it's like 100-0 chances. But now the ratio is changed to 60-40 so we are showing some progress in this.

Mission Cancer Care


Can you survived stage 4 stomach cancer? Lahari & Chanakya

of course many people do survive stage 4 cancer, but I don’t want to keep this like a motivational answer to you. Let me introduce the harsh reality to you, if the cancer reaches to stage 4 the chances of survival will drastically come down the chances are like 30/100. But on the bright side if you take good care of yourself and take good treatment you could be in the 30 side if not I believe you know the answer.

Mission Cancer Care


What is the life expectancy of someone with stage 4 lung cancer Without Treatment? Lahari & Chanakya

That depends on the age of the patient and the circumstances he lives. As I am answering this I will go with my generalise opinion when i recently went for a hospital (for general checkup) i saw a patient whose age is 38 and with fit lifestyle with good food habits but suffering with stage 4 lung cancer.
Mission Cancer Care


Can cancer happen suddenly without knowing for months? Lahari & Chanakya

yes cancer might come without knowing.
Some cancers are also known as “Silent killers”. When my cousin brother visited Dr Ajay Chanakya ( one of the top most oncologists in south India) just for a regular checkup, suddenly the doctor came up with a plot twist that my cousin has basal cell carcinoma(least deadly cancer that occurs to skin). So the answer for your question is simple cancer will come without any symptoms.
Details about Cancer


What is Lung cancer and what are the various types & causes? Lahari & Chanakya

The cancer that begins in the lungs is called lung cancer. The types of lung cancer are:

Small cell lung cancer
Non-small cell lung cancer
Some of the causes and risk factors that lead to lung cancer are:

Exposure to radon gas
Family history of lung cancer
Exposure to secondhand smoke
Previous radiation therapy
Types and causes of lung Cancer


Can dragon fruit cure cancer?

Various studies suggest that foods that have high amounts of antioxidants help in preventing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, etc. These antioxidants help in neutralizing free radicals which prevent the cell from damage and inflammation.
Best foods to cure Cancer