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Artificial Intelligence

Aventior is a technology consulting firm assisting our clients on their Digital Transformation journey with primary focus on building Digital, Cloud and AI solutions that significantly improve their business outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now improve image quality. Using advanced AI & GAN based models to increase the resolution of aerial & satellite imagery.

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Digital Transformation begins & ends with the customer. Aventior is an innovation-led, enterprise transformation organization built for digital challenges.

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Aventior is pioneering the digitalization of the chemical industry through the development of B2B & B2C marketplaces for chemical products.

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Aventior signed a long-term partnership with ESRI to become a part of ESRI marketplace provider with the launch of Vehicle Detection Model.

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The Vehicle detection deep learning model is developed to detect vehicles. This Esri Release model designed to work in the US, also works well globally.

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AI to detect, measure & count water bodies for hydrology, water & waste water management, detection of illegal water wells & nature conservation.

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Object detection & tracking to detect airplanes & ships for measuring trade, anti-piracy, prevent illegal fishing, maritime surveillance, & track port activity.

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Utility inspection is a check conducted on infrastructure & housing systems. Drones are used for conducting quality inspections & for data.

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As global commerce make its migration. Aventior help design, develop, & launch the first truly digital marketplace for the chemical industry.

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Using AI (computer vision and deep learning) and aerial or satellite imagery to detect changes in urbanization to enable detection of illegal construction.

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Drone – The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, in recent times it is used for search & rescue operations post any natural disasters. Lets find out.

How Computer Vision made Autonomous Vehicles intelligent and reliable?

The evolution of the automobile is interesting. The use of Computer Vision Technology has made the Autonomous Vehicle reliable & intelligent.

Building Detection · UP42

Detect apartments, houses, industrial buildings and sheds in satellite images.

Deep Learning Vehicle Detection Model - ArcGIS Marketplace Listing

This deep learning model is used to detect vehicles from high resolution (30 cm) satellite imagery.

Sports Facilities Detection · UP42

Sports Facilities Detection is a Processing Block for identifying sports facilities such as baseball parks, tennis courts, soccer fields, and stadiums in satellite images.

Aventior announces partnership with Aspectum

Aventior partners with Aspectum to offer clients a world-class GIS platform to run & visualize Object Detection & focusing on developing a wide array of tools.

Urban Super Resolution · UP42

Increase spatial resolution of urban locations by 4 times.

AI & Computer Vision — How Smartphones Boost the Gig Economy?

How Smartphones Boost the Gig Economy? What is Gig Economy?The gig economy isn’t a word coined during Covid-19. It has been in existence since 1915. The jazz musicians used to term their performance...