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Types of PBX Telephone Systems

There are different types of business phone systems and all offer different features making them ideal for an office. This list shows the 3 common types of PBX telephone systems.



Traditional Analog Phone System

While this type of PBX phone system has been around the longest, it is not necessarily the most feasible or useful system anymore. Whereas most PBX systems used today are digital or cloud-based, the analog PBX phone system manages calls via other phones or fax machines within the office via a physical wire connection. They are relatively simple pieces of machinery by today’s standards and lack some of the key features most office communication systems exhibit today.



IP or VoIP PBX is a type of PBX phone system utilizes broadband internet to deliver voice calls. These business phone systems are capable of delivering excellent, high-quality audio. They offer a host of useful features that can be of great benefit for an organization with a high call volume. Call queuing, for example, is one popular feature in use in many offices in a multitude of industries. Many of these phone systems can also be integrated with computer applications and other programs to further enhance their capabilities.

Whereas the analog PBX phone system is connected via copper wiring and supported by a complex system that typically resides within a telecom closet, the IP PBX or VoIP PBX phone system does not require physical connections between phones. Instead, the phones all connect to the office Local Area Network (LAN), which is supported by the main server.


Hosted PBX or Cloud-Based PBX System

Hosted PBX or Cloud-Based PBX also sometimes referred to as a virtual PBX. The cloud-based PBX phone system requires very little equipment other than the phones themselves. The network utilized by the cloud-based PBX system is typically hosted offsite, saving you space in the office and also requiring little maintenance or upgrading since they occur off-premise. The cloud-based PBX phone makes it very easy for your organization to add or remove specific features as your business grows.

The cloud-based PBX phone is highly popular due to the large cost savings and the ease in which additional features could be added. They are also extremely flexible. It can be used by employees working remotely or traveling in the field, ensuring calls will always get through to people that aren’t currently in the office.

A cloud-based PBX phone system also offers options for real-time monitoring, call recording, and many other features that can provide you with detailed information on incoming and outgoing calls, as well as reports on active or missed calls, active agents, and even employee performance.

Lastly, these types of PBX phone systems offer more security, a critical consideration in today’s world of cybercriminals and ever-advancing technology.


Types of PBX Phone Systems - Infographic

Types of PBX Phone Systems - Infographic

Images shows a summary of three different types of PBX phone systems.